“Yurt” type of mosquito nets has become the new home bedding blog darling of the people

Summer evening, mosquito fly, mosquito control agent with a spray, use mosquito aroma … … finally buy a mosquito net. This home bedding blog is a lot of River City people to “fight mosquito war” in the encounter process. In fact, hang a mosquito net is an old habit of Wuhan the summer. The habit in many families disappeared, is back, and the style of mosquito nets more beautiful than in the past.
“We have a child with a cotton mosquito nets, the old pipe is called the ‘linen’, it can block the mosquito, is too thick, airtight,” Lee, who lives in Hanyang aunt said Wuli Village, later replaced by polyester mosquito nets , and then again later thrown into the trash. Xinyuan’s Lo home bedding blog, who lives in Wuchang Anshun, said new houses in 2002, taking into account not pretty hanging mosquito nets, together with pesticides, mosquito killer, mosquito does not bite more than other products, it will abandoned the nets.
But this year, mosquito nets and appear in major shopping malls and supermarkets, was also placed in a prominent position, also turned over several times the price: Xu Malls an imperial home bedding blog style of mosquito net price of 318 yuan; Simen Kou in storage within a hundred a brand of steel dome frame when doing activities nets 19.8 million.

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