Your Mattress And Pillow Are The Culprits!

Is your mattress to be blamed for your aching back? Probably yes! Most people overlook their beds and blame their composure for back pain. But, if you know you have a good posture and yet you suffer from a back pain, you must seriously examine your mattress.

Does a firm mattress really help in preventing back pain? Well, a medium mattress can be equally good, provided you know how to sleep on it. Most of us have a habit of sleeping on the stomach. You might be getting sweet dreams by sleeping that way, but you definitely are torturing your back! Make it a habit to sleep on your back or on your sides. Those who love to sleep on firm mattress must realize that it may not allow their hips to press enough into the mattress to alleviate the pressure on their lumbar area. So, it is not advisable to get an extremely firm mattress.

Another thing – with time, you may notice indentations in your mattress, which forms due to body weight. These indentations can make your mattress uneven and cause you back pain. So, it is good to flip or rotate your mattress two times a year to keep it fit for sleeping. And please do not sleep on an age-old mattress! Replace it once every 10 to 15 years.

Is a pillow important for a sound sleep? The answer is a big “YES!” A too soft or too firm pillow is not good. The soft and fluffy ones sink your head too much to provide enough support. On the other hand, a firm pillow raises your head to a great extent to give you a comfy sleep. Your pillow should be something in between – a little soft and a little firm. It should keep your back straight with its natural curve and help you get a cozy composure at night.

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