Where To Put Your Bed

It may seem a little silly, but where you put your bed can do a lot to make a room look a certain way. Maybe you want a room that appears larger than it is, or maybe you want a room that appears filled more. Whatever it is that you are going for, the first place to start with any kind of bedroom decoration is the placement of the bed. While this indeed is the first place to start, you should also consider the overall design as you consider the best place for your bed.

Against the wall and centered

Without doubt the most common placement of almost every bed is with the head board against the wall and the bed located somewhere close to the center. This is a very functional choice as it allows room to reach the closet, room for a dresser or two, and when shared with another person a room for each of you to get on their own side. The one thing going against this placement is a lack of originality.

In a corner

Probably the second most common location for a bed is in one of the room’s corners. This works great when you don’t have a lot of space to maneuver or put other things. However, it can throw the look of a room off quite a bit without some kind of counterbalance such as a couch in the opposite corner.

In the middle of the room

This is often a position chosen by people who either really like their bed, or have very large bedrooms. If you have a very large bedroom putting your bed in the middle of the room may actually be one of the best design ideas you could have. However, you will want to make sure the bed is made as you never know when someone else might get a peak. In the end, there are countless places to put a bed. The thing that is important is that you are happy with arrangement. However, before going with the old stand by, experiment a little and see if you can find something else you like.

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