Wake Rested and Refreshed

Getting a good night’s sleep can change your outlook. It is that transformative and restorative. Compare the feeling of tossing and turning on nights when sleep is elusive to the feeling of waking truly rested and refreshed. There is no comparison. Waking well rested carries with it so many benefits that it cannot be underestimated or undervalued. Both the body and the brain suffer when sleep is lost. It can be felt with just one night of compromised sleep and is compounded and compounded the more sleep that is lost.

A good night’s sleep is linked to so many health benefits it is amazing. Sleep is necessary for memory and energy. Sleep is good for the heart, for blood pressure, for reducing inflammation and stress. And let’s face it, sleep just feels good. To awake rested and refreshed is one of the best feelings. Feeling so rested that one feels they can handle whatever life throws their way is not something to take for granted. Sleep is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Without sleep a person’s body and mind suffers from innumerable issues, not the least of which is forgetfulness and delayed motor skills reaction times.

The body heals while it sleeps. In fact, most of the body’s healing power takes place while it sleeps. Stress and inflammation are eliminated and aided, respectively, by sleep. Make sure the sleep environment is conducive to a healthy and restful sleep. Try not to eat for the two hours before bedtime. This way your body can use its energy for restoring and recharging rather than digesting. Having a good mattress is a very important part of consistently getting a good night’s sleep.

Whether a mattress is firm or soft, traditional mattress or a memory foam mattress is personal preference. A mattress should be replaced approximately every ten years to ensure you are getting the best possible rest from the bed. The environment for sleeping should be peaceful and quiet with fresh air circulating. It can be helpful to keep a regular sleep schedule, especially if there are problems falling asleep or a history of insomnia. Going to bed at the same time each night and rising at the same time each morning can ensure your body knows when it is time to rest.

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