Various Types Of Beds

The modern age has made giant strides in every sphere of life. This advancement has also manifested itself in the diversification and modernization of beds which are now being made especially for every conceivable purpose. Some of the most important types of beds are mentioned below:

A Divan bed is designed in such a way that it can be used as a divan (or part of a sofa) during the day and as a bed when you want to sleep.

A Bunk is made for sleeping specially when there is paucity of space. A bunk bed is two bunks one on top of the other.

An adjustable bed is designed so that it can be changed to different positions as per requirements.
An air bed is used when there is no space to keep it during the day or while travelling. It can be inflated when required and deflated, rolled and packed when not in use.

A chest bed is usually made from wood and underneath the mattress you have plenty of storage space where you can keep your belongings and save valuable storage space in the house.

A camp bed or cot is a light-weight portable bed that is used by armies and others during a crisis period.
A canopy bed has pillars that are used to support cloth hangings for decoration and enclosure of the bed.
A futon is a traditional Japanese bed.

A hammock is a temporary bed made of fabric that is suspended from two supports one on each side like on the branches of a tree and you can relax and swing on it.

A hospital bed can be of various types but usually it is an adjustable bed that can be inclined as per the patient’s needs. It is also attached with special trays to hold medicines and other medical equipment.

There are many other types of beds which are used for special purposes like vibrating beds, water beds etc.

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