Tips On Buying Bed And Accessories For Babies

Your newborn will spend most of her time sleeping or lying in the cot. She will also play, sweat, spill milk, puke and probably sometimes pee in her bed. When she learns to lift herself, she will hold the cot, try to get out of it, lick it, bite it, taste it and put it to a good many uses you could never even dream of. She will snuggle into the pillows, bury her head in the sheets and dig into the blankets. By the time she’s ready to be shifted, she will probably have tasted the sheets and chewed on the pillow, too. Already getting nightmares? Well, choose the right bed and accessories, and you won’t have to worry half as much!

First and foremost, choose natural fibres and fabrics. Stick to organic/ anti toxic products. Make sure everything you buy for your baby passes British Quality control and fire resistance standards. One tip: research reveals that fire retardants such as PBDEs cause learning deficiencies in animals and even passes on through breast milk, so better banish them from your home altogether. For the same reason, choose non toxic and safe paint on the walls and the furniture in the nursery.

The mattress may be of rubberised coir, and should fit snugly into the cot without leaving any space where little fingers may get jammed in later. In the initial stages, experts’ advice using blankets and sheets, as the layers help in controlling the body temperature of infants. Babies’ bodies take time to learn regulation through sweating or heating. So, as the parent, you have to keep a watch and multiple sheets/ blankets work very well for this purpose.

Accessories require frequent washing to prevent bacteria build up so they should be easy to maintain. A quilted cotton mattress cover with vinyl backing will prevent accidental soiling of the mattress. You will also need top and bottom covers (about 4 each) and 2-4 blankets, preferably woollen ones.

Having a baby means endless trips to the nursery and sleepless nights. With safe and snug options, your little one will definitely have good sleep.

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