There Is A Pillow For Your Knees, Neck, And Body!

Pillows are crucial for supporting the head during sleep and keeping your back in natural alignment. You can mitigate your back pain manifold by getting the right pillow for yourself.

There are many people who have the habit of using more than one pillow for sleeping. Some people even place a pillow between their knees while sleeping on their sides. Amusing? Nah! It IS helpful. When you bend your knees when sleeping on your side and place a pillow in between them, it prevents your knees from coming together. This maintains your spine in its natural curve. In absence of a pillow, your legs may shift their position in such a way that it may exert pressure on your pelvis and disrupt the spinal alignment.

Then there are body pillows that support the whole body. They are particularly helpful for pregnant ladies, as they provide support to their abdomen and relax the pressure on the back.

Suffering from neck pain? Then get a neck pillow, also known as orthopedic or cervical pillow. It supports the area between the head and neck. Remember, most of these pillows need replacement after a year or two.

Then there are lower back support pillows that support the lumbar spine. This pillow is best to use when on the car seat or computer seat. It fills the void between your lower back and the chair, supporting the natural curve of the spine. When this happens, the gravitational force gets absorbed and it relaxes the muscles of your lower back and legs.

In addition to this, you can get a “U” shaped pillow while traveling. It supports your head in a sitting position. There is also the donut pillow (with an actual hole in the center). It is placed on the seat. It is for those with a broken or injured tailbone or those suffering from coccygeal pain. It reduces the pressure on the coccyx area.

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