The Toddler Bed Rail that Mothers Love Best

Summer Infant Sure and Secure Double Bedrail

Most parents love this inexpensive but sturdy toddler bed rail because it is so easy to assemble. We have yet to see a negative review for this toddler bed rail. Your toddler will feel safe and secure, and the rail construction is simple and sturdy. The side rails fold flat against the bed which makes sheet changing very easy. The featured bed rails are a nice shade of pink so they make a great choice for a big-girl’s bed. They are also available in a nice blue.

Safety 1st Secure Top Bed Rail

This safety toddler bed rail is very popular. Probably the most popular feature of this particular toddler bed rail and what makes it unique from other toddler bed rails is that it actually sits on top of the mattress so that there is absolutely no fear of the toddler getting trapped between the bed rail and the mattress. It is ideal for thick mattresses such as pillowtops because it has thickness adjustments on both sides. It is also very quick to assemble (most parents report less than 5 minutes with no tools required) and the bed rail folds down to provide easy access to change linens. It is also one of the most economical toddler bed rails you can find. Like most safety guard rails, this one is designed for use only with twin beds or larger.

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