The Pros and Cons of a Futon

There are some people who believe that the futon is one of the greatest inventions ever created. This is understandable when one thinks about the fact that it is a graceful combination of a couch and a bed. In fact, for many people who live in small spaces a futon can make more sense than buying a large bed that takes up a lot of space. If you are thinking of buying a futon, then this article could help you make the right decision.

The Good

The good points about a futon are the versatility and the space saving capabilities inherent in this nifty creation. Because we never know when a guest might come over, having something like a futon that can be used as a couch is a great idea. While couch beds were popular for a while, the truth is they tend to be extremely uncomfortable.

When it comes to saving space, the futon is great for studio apartments, or even small bedrooms. When the bed is not needed, it is a simple matter of a couple of pushes and it can act as a couch. Then when it is time for bed, it is another simple matter of a couple of tugs and the bed is ready to be used.

The Bad

The number one complaint most people have against futons is that they can be a bit uncomfortable. While higher quality futons do not to have this problem as often, the truth is that a futon is really not a great option as a bed. If you are having problems sleeping on a futon you might want to think about switching over to a more traditional bed.

The second most common complaint about futons is against their durability. Even the high quality futons can be broken when over used or moved incorrectly. While manufacturers are improving on this problem with each new generation of design, it is far from perfect. In the end the choice of using a futon should come down to a combination of the above factors and your own mind on the situation. If you like futons, then get one, if you don’t, then find something else.

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