The Importance of Turning Your Mattress

When I was a child I often had trouble sleeping. I would flip from one side of my bed to the other trying to get better sleep. Finally, one night frustrated with the nightly search for rest, I put my pillow at the foot of my bed and slept that way. I had one of the best nights of sleep I can ever remember. I continued sleeping this way and sleeping well for several months until once again I began to have trouble sleeping. Figuring that changing the way I slept had worked once I tried it again. I placed my pillow back where my head used to be. This did not work so I figured I would try turning the mattress over. Again I fell asleep quickly and deeply. Without being aware of it, I had discovered by accident the virtue of turning a mattress.

Why this works

While flipping a mattress is not guaranteed to help you sleep better, there are actual reasons for why it can help you sleep better. First while most mattresses made today are pretty firm, over time even the best made mattress will begin to settle. As it settles it becomes less comfortable to sleep on. When you turn or flip your mattress you in essence begin sleeping on a new mattress. Because the mattress is no longer as settled, you are once again more comfortable and this is one of the main keys to getting to sleep fast and sleeping well.

How to do it

While most places that sell mattresses will give you turning instructions, sometimes you either forget or never receive them. The basic turning is to change the foot and the head once every six months, then flip the mattress over around six months later. Following this method you will come to the original head of the bed once every two years.
If you don’t believe this method works, you still might want to give it a try. After all, you have nothing to lose other than another night’s sleep?

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