The Evergreen Wooden Beds

Wooden beds have a classic and royal appearance. They look rich and sophisticated and can add beauty to your home. Wood has always been preferred over any other material for furniture items and flooring. It is strong and sturdy and has a long life. Moreover, if wooden furniture is maintained well, it stays in good condition for several years. The upkeep of furniture is very important. Good maintenance can increase the life of your furniture items.

Wooden beds are the best choice for people with back problems. Even if you do not have any backache complaints, it is better to sleep on a wooden bed to avoid such problems. The firmness of a bed and mattress plays a very important role in maintaining the health of your back. Slouching on the bed and uneven mattress or old mattress can cause irreparable damage to your backbone.

There are various types of woods used for beds. We give you a skinny about the types of woods and their unique qualities.

Teak Wood – This wood is the best one available. It is nature’s gift to humankind. It is indeed the most durable type of wood. Teak wood is hard, strong and highly resistant to sun, rain, snow and extreme weather conditions. It has very high quality and is the best choice for beds.

Pine wood – This is a soft wood and offers excellent finishing, since it can be reshaped easily. Pinewood is available in three types, Radiata Pine, Southern Yellow Pine and White Pine. It is a soft wood used for making paper. It scores high for making furniture items since it can be shaped and designed very intricately and has a long life.

Oak wood – Oak wood is the best choice for beds and other furniture items since it is strong. There are several species of Oak. Of them, the two species that are the most commonly used for furniture are red and white oak. Oak wood looks classy and is a favorite with craftsmen.

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