The Correct Sleeping Position

When it comes to sleeping, perhaps no subject has been more argued over then what position is the best for sleep. While there is some scientific evidence to support the idea of sleeping on the side so the spine is straight, the truth is that there is something much more important that the position you sleep in. This would be the surface you sleep on.

It is true that one of the main reasons many people have a difficult time getting a good night’s sleep is that they do not use a high quality mattress. One of the problems people have when it comes to choosing a mattress is in knowing what kind of mattress will help them get the best night’s sleep. This article is designed to help you choose a mattress that will allow you to get the sleep you need.

Firm and smooth

One of the most important qualities of a good mattress is that it be both firm and free of lumps. By being firm the mattress gives the body the support it needs during sleep. It help keeps the spine straight and the joints from being stressed. By having a mattress that is free of lumps, you avoid having your body constantly move while you sleep. While your body needs to move when you sleep, too much movement will cause you to wake and feel un-rested.

Bought within the last four to six years

While there are many differing opinions, the general consensus seems to say that you should replace your mattress every four to six years. The reason for this is that no longer how well made a mattress is, over time it will deteriorate and provide less comfort, which leads to less sleep. By keeping your mattress in good condition you will sleep well.

While it may seem a bit over simple, the truth is that the above two things will do a great deal to improve almost anyone’s sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, you might want to check to see how old your mattress is.

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