Technology as Furniture: Will the Future Haunt You?

When an individual or couple sets out to redesign a room of their home today, they will typically consider the essentials, such as a couch, chair, bed, tub, or toilet, depending on the purpose of the space in question. Of course, there are always accessories to choose as well, including artwork, vases, pillows, throws, and mirrors. But the decisions are pretty standard for the most part. A new article in Extreme Tech online magazine explores how we think of the simple accessory and how that may change drastically in the years to come.

The “Magic Mirror” as it is being coined was released as a protocol by Neiman Journalist Lab, a New York Times’ subsidiary. It stands a chance of completely altering the primary thought of homeowners when redesigning bathrooms, bedrooms, and more. For now, the design is being marketed as a new reflective surface for the master bath, capable of surfing through the internet-based news at a simple verbal request. Perhaps more importantly, this bathroom-friendly model is able to work as a backup to an individual’s pharmacist, pulling up information on medications placed before it. Do you need a refill? If it can be purchased over the counter, this truly magical mirror will pull up relevant coupons, so you are sure to get a good deal.

So, what does this mean for the future of home design? Will technology soon be woven into every thread of our lives? Could it be that tomorrow’s sofa, recliner, or even the ultra plush bedding that we plop into at the end of the day could incorporate the artificial intelligence necessary to be connected to our homes in an entirely new way? No one can be quite sure. The researchers, engineers, and technology experts are constantly working to create new and exciting ways for Mainstream America to be ever-connected.

For now, the Magic Mirror is preparing for its public launch, and the hope is that the international market will embrace it, making it the new standard in bathrooms around the world. The only problem remaining is how to get family members out of the bathroom each morning.

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