Take Care Of Your Mattress

A good mattress can cost you a considerable amount of money and as such it is essential that you take good care of your mattress so that it remains in good shape throughout its life span which can be anything between 7 to 20 years depending upon the type of mattress. Moreover, in order to get the maximum comfort from your mattress, it is essential to maintain it properly during its life span.
Given below are a few tips for taking good care of your mattress.

Avoid soaking the mattress as mildew might develop inside the upholstery and spoil it. A mild surface cleaner or vacuum cleaning is the best solution. Do not place the mattress on a soggy or uneven base. Instead, keep it on a firm base. Rotate the mattress every month for six months if it is new and after that rotate it every two or three months. You should also alternately flip and rotate a double sided or two sided mattress. Do not fold or bend your mattress. Also avoid wearing out the mattress in one spot. Moreover, do not place excessive weight on the handles.

A mattress should give support to your body and relieve you of body pain. If you feel that the mattress is no longer doing the same or if you can feel the springs jutting out of the upholstery, sagging or deformation or high squeaking, you should immediately replace the mattress. If you are using a very wide mattress, make sure that the frame supporting it has 5 or 6 legs. Moreover, use a minimum of 5 wood slats and position three of them in the centre third part of the bed if the bed has a headboard and footboard style.

Remember that if you take good care of your mattress, it will keep on supporting you for a long time.

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