Sweet wedding,fine home bedding blog selection bed accessories

One-third of our lives, we will have time to be spent in bed! Therefore, the home bedding blog selection of a comfortable and healthy bed, the couple, it is definitely the most important thing a new life. If you’re worried do not know how to choose, buy a small number of the tips below that can help you.
Bed bedspread is important accessories. The home bedding blog bedroom is the first thing you see it, it is the tone of the bedding. Not close to people because of skin bedspread, do not use cotton products, the choice of Dacron or poplin, these relatively stiff material, not easy to wrinkle. The best style bedspread and the room furniture to the color, style harmonize. Because it is the wedding, so you can choose some warm colors of joy.
The best selection of sheet moisture better natural cotton products, cotton fiber is a good choice. Such home bedding blog sheets soft and comfortable. Dacron polyester-cotton blend for a class of poor moisture absorption, easy to produce static electricity, dip dust, also elected to choose the lower of the polyester component. Thick sheets should not be too rough, because the dust easily deposited through the hole sheets mattress pads.

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