Storage Bed Frames is committed to offering only the highest-quality storage beds available. Storage beds are so much more than merely a place to sleep; they are remarkably functional components of any complete bedroom design. Not only are they comfortable sleeping surfaces to give you a perfect night’s rest, but they also serve as a sort of second closet where you can store your clothes and other items without the additional hassle of investing in new shelving units or storage spaces. We offer an impressive catalog of space-efficient and charming storage platform beds to help you get the most out of your bedroom! Choose from a wide spectrum of styles, and treat yourself to the organizational space you deserve.

Storage beds are typically found in two primary forms. The first and most recognizable style is the “Drawer” style, wherein the storage bed frame itself is comprised of sliding drawers that roll out from beneath the frame and tuck in snugly after you’ve finished using them. Most of the storage platform bed frames we carry can be raised to accommodate storage drawers or lowered for a low profile look without drawers.

We also offer a select collection of “Lift” style storage bed frames. The lift style utilizes a simple hydraulic system so you can raise and lower the mattress portion of the frame as you would the hood of a car, revealing ample storage space beneath the mattress. This storage space is concealed by the all-encompassing frame. You can think of this type of bed frame as your own personal treasure chest for all your valuable belongings!

But fun and exciting beds are only as good as the time and effort that goes into manufacturing them. At, we strive to provide only the highest-quality beds from the best natural materials on earth. Every storage bed is engineered and built to our strict standards. Whether you prefer the earthy appearance of our solid wood bed frames or the sleek modern look of metal storage beds, we promise you will be satisfied with your purchase. Having trouble deciding which bed is perfect for you? Give us a call, we will be happy to assist you with all your storage bed questions!

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