Sleeping Tips To Ensure Better Sleep

Check your daily habits: See what you are eating and drinking throughout the day. Eat lots of salad and fruits and avoid oily and spicy food items. Heavy food especially during the night can cause acidity and in turn decrease the quality of sleep. A regular exercise routine can help you sleep better: Physical exercise for a minimum 30 minutes a day can have a wonderful effect on one’s sleep. Exercise stimulates the body and increases its body temperature aiding a good night’s sleep. However, try and avoid exercising late at night. Choose morning hours instead. Keep your home naturally lit and airy: Research proves that those who live in a bright environment sleep better than those who don’t. Avoid napping if you can’t sleep at night: Those with sleeping trouble must avoid napping during afternoon hours. If you must nap, then do so in the early afternoon and that too for a short duration only. Alcohol reduces the quality of sleep: Contrary to popular belief that alcohol can help you sleep faster, it actually hampers the overall quality of sleep. Similar is the case with consumption of caffeine and aerated drinks especially before bedtime. Lastly, create a good sleeping environment. Remove everything from your room that disturbs your sleep. Factors like room temperature, ventilation, noise, light and an incorrect pillow or bed size can adversely affect your sleep.
If the above sleeping tips do not help, contact your doctor.

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