Save Space With Different Types Of Bunk Beds

Today leading bed manufacturers in UK provide a wide range of options with trendy designs in bunk beds. Bunk beds in children’s room not only give them a funky bedding option, they also save a lot of space. And this is the reason why bunk beds, especially wooden pine beds are the most wanted by kids. Traditionally speaking, a bunk bed is two beds piled on one another, allowing two kids to sleep together in a same area. The upper bunk is accessed by a ladder and has railings on the edges to prevent the kid from falling down. Since the past few years, there have been many design advancements that have given alternative options to the standardized bunk bed configuration.

Three Sleeper – As the name suggests, this bed comfortably accommodate three kids. This type of bed has a small double bed at the bottom and a single bed in the upper bunk. A great option for a family with limited space. High Sleeper or Study Bunk – Here the upper bunk remains as it is, whereas the lower bunk has been substituted with providing space for extra furniture such as storage space, a study desk or comfort chairs. These furniture items are sometimes attached to the main bunk bed or fixed separately. Futon – This type of a bunk bed has a standard upper bunk but instead of a lower bunk bed, it would have a futon or a sofa bed. This sofa bed can be comfortably converted into an extra sleeping space for a kid or two. So, this type of bed can also be used to accommodate three persons comfortably.

Bunk beds are the perfect option when space is a limitation. With so much of variety in available options, there is no need to compromise on the design or utility front.

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