Metal Beds – What is there to choose from?

In terms of bedding materials, you’ll find that there are three common types of metal used: brass, aluminum, and iron. Often, inexpensive bedroom furniture will incorporate a lot of aluminum or perhaps wrought iron. Especially with children, bunk beds are created from aluminum, providing a sturdy, durable piece of furniture that is inexpensive and easily replaced as the children grow out of their early childhood tastes.
You’ll also find that, in many day beds, wrought iron is the material of choice. While you can find a metal daybed in any of the three major metals used in modern bedroom furniture, wrought iron is popular for several reasons. First of all, it is not expensive, and it is very durable. A wrought iron day bed can last for years without any kind of wear and tear. Also, since daybeds are usually found in girls’ rooms, you’ll find that wrought iron is a very versatile material around which you can decorate and redecorate many times and still incorporate the bed in the room, meaning that you won’t have to spend the money to replace the furniture every time your daughter decides her room is too “childish”.
When looking at bedroom furniture sets for adults, you’ll find options in all materials as well, though less often in aluminum, as this tends to be less enduring and adults don’t change furniture as often. Most of the time, iron and metal bed pieces meant for adult usage will be either wrought iron or brass. If you are interested in contemporary bedroom furniture and décor, you’ll probably opt for wrought iron. This is a more modern, minimalist look to furniture that shows practicality through its functional “plainness”, as well as taste and artistic preference through the choice of intricate design that you pick, especially in terms of a headboard.
Brass beds are more classical in appearance and can also be a great choice in the bedroom. Keep in mind, though, that with brass, it is necessary to perform maintenance to keep it looking fresh and shiny, mainly through regular polishing. A king size metal bed made of brass can be an imposing piece of furniture, looking quite stately and welcoming. At the same time, is a somewhat cold material, and while you’ll still be surrounded by plush covers and blankets, some people find this sort of material uninviting.
A metal canopy bed in any situation will often be best made out of wrought iron, since you’ll have posts with which you may come into contact. Aluminum wouldn’t be as attractive standing out like that, and brass could easily tarnish from the frequent contact. With all of this in mind, you can see where the differences lie. When you choose the material for your bed, be sure to keep in mind the applications that are best for each type of metal, but also make your final decision based on your personal taste. After all, your bed should be a place that you enjoy sleeping and waking up.

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