Loft Bed Frames

Give your children the gift of a space-efficient and fun loft bed frame, whether they are off to their first day of elementary school or their first semester of college. Loft beds are exciting ways to inspire a bedroom design, and they also help your child get organized!
Loft beds are essentially a typical platform bed, only elevated on elongated legs. Alternatively, you can think of it as a bunk bed without the lower bunk. This frees up lots of storage or workspace beneath the mattress. Your college student can construct a work desk directly beneath his bed, which not only creates a fun atmosphere in any dorm room, but it also helps him make the most of his limited space. For younger kids, consider installing shelving units under the loft bed so your children have a fun play space right beneath their bed frame fort!

Loft beds can be convenient study locations, or fun playgrounds to stimulate your child’s imagination. At Bed Frames Online, we provide an exquisite selection of unique loft beds in an expansive variety of styles and prices. From simple solid wood loft beds, to imaginative play castles, we offer a collection of loft beds that will surely grab your attention as a unique gift your child will love for many years to come. Exploring our collection of children’s loft beds will yield extraordinary results to keep your child comfortable, well rested, and entertained.

Our selection of adult loft beds are also very stylish and useful, made from some of the finest natural and artificial materials on earth. Perfect for dorms, studios, or small apartments, loft beds provide ample sleeping accommodations along with plenty of storage space for your young adult. Discover a great adult loft bed frame here at Bed Frames Online, and realize the powerful combination of organization and comfort!

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