Leather and Upholstered Bed Frames

Bed Frames Online proudly presents our remarkable collection of high-quality, highly-comfortable leather bed frames! The perfect combination of a sleek modern look and a soft, delicate touch, leather platform beds are easily the best of both worlds. We have the best selection of leather bed frames online, and we offer it all at factory-direct prices so you can sleep soundly on your gorgeous new investment. Get the bedroom look you’ve always wanted with a stylish and sophisticated leather bed!

In the world of bedroom design, not all leather upholstered platform bed frames are created equal. The overall quality and longevity of a bed is determined not only by the quality of the materials used in its manufacture, but by the construction and design methods employed in the process as well. We guarantee that all of our beds are designed by professional artisans who build beds to be durable as well as elegant, and they are made from the finest reclaimed eco-friendly wood sources.

You may notice our upholstered bed frames typically feature either leather or leatherette covering. What’s the difference?

Leatherette looks, for all intents and purposes, just like genuine leather. But leatherette (sometimes called naugahyde) is a synthetic leather that can outlast genuine leather, and is practically maintenance-free. But perhaps the most appealing quality of high-grade leatherette is its price: despite being typically stronger and more wear-resistant than genuine leather, leatherette is available at only a fraction of the cost.

No matter what you choose, we are certain you will love your upholstered leather bed frame from Bedframesonline.com. We hope you will take a moment to peruse our great collection, and perhaps fall in love with a great bed frame today! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are eager to help you find the best bed for all your sleeping and remodeling needs.

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