Latex Mattresses: Comfortable and Durable

Latex Mattresses are highly in demand nowadays compared to any other kind of mattresses. Latex is derived from the rubber tree and is biodegradable in nature. Latex mattresses are very affordable and provide maximum comfort. A lot of brands use latex as the premium substance for their mattresses. Traditional spring mattresses develop depressions over a period of time, resulting in extreme discomfort, and as you try to sleep around these depressions, not only does your sleep gets affected, but you end up sleeping in a wrong posture, causing stiff back and lower back pain. Using a latex mattress leaves you free of such worries.

Advantages of Latex Mattresses: There are quite a few advantages of using latex mattresses over traditional spring mattress:

Latex is an excellent natural disinfectant by itself. That is, any kind of mildew or mold cannot breed or grow in latex mattresses. And tests have proven that it is a number of times more resistant to bacteria and other microbes than traditional mattress. Traditional mattresses sometimes use fillings of inferior quality, and if not regularly aired and dusted, becomes the breeding ground for germs. Latex is free from such hazards.

Latex mattresses may be a bit expensive than traditional mattresses when you buy it from the market initially, but are cheaper in the long run. This is because traditional mattresses may have to be replaced frequently because of the depressions that are created after a period of use, and they may be bad enough for your backbone. On the other hand, latex mattresses can last up to thirty years or more.

All Latex mattresses are “no flip” mattresses, that is, they is no requirement of turning or flipping it over every few days. This has to be done with the traditional mattresses to get rid of the depressions. However, no such things are required if you use a latex mattress. A latex mattress takes the shape of your body and adjusts to the contours, giving you maximum comfort.

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