King Size Bed Frame

For the most amount of sleeping space available, you’ll benefit from a king size platform bed. Standard (also known as Eastern) king platform beds are the perfect choice for large bedrooms, or spaces where you want your bed to be the centerpiece of the entire room. Standard or Eastern king beds measure 76” wide by 80” long, about as large as two extra-long twin beds put together. Each person, then, gets the equivalent of a twin bed’s worth of sleeping space, but with the comfort and appeal of just one bed. King size beds are ideal for tall people who need to be able to “stretch out” but would still like to share their bed with a partner. (For very tall people who need even more length, try the California King size.) King size beds are also the perfect solution for families with kids or pets that like to “share” the bed on a warm weekend morning. With this much space, you could have a dog (cats are welcome too!) or two at the end of the bed and not even notice!

King platform beds may be sized for royalty but rest assured, they can be priced for the rest of us. King platform beds are the perfect way to add sophistication to your bedroom space. Because these beds are so generously sized, you will want a graceful and stylish way to frame them and highlight them for a decorative appeal. Nearly all styles of platform beds are available in king size, providing you with a wealth of choices for style and material. If you choose to go with an Asian appeal, combined with coordinating bedroom accessories, Asian king sized platform beds make a bold statement for your master’s suite. Other popular designs include traditional platform beds, including sleigh beds and four-poster styles, as well as geometric modern designs with such features as upholstered or leather-covered headboards.

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