Kids Bedroom Sets and Décor: The Teen Room

When it comes to kid’s bedroom sets, when they are younger, you can stay pretty well in control of the overall look and style of the space. As kids get older, they want to be able to make their own decisions about styles, colors, themes and more. As a parent, there comes a time when it is necessary to allow the kids to explore their options on their own, with a bit of input from you, of course. During the teen years, you may need some additional ideas and tips to help you both find a compromise.

Ideas for the Goth Girl

In some situations, you may not agree on the overall theme and look that your child enjoys. Gothic looks, for example can be somewhat worrisome for some parents. If you are looking for a way to compromise on this theme, consider the use of wrought iron headboards. This is an easy way to add the dark iron color to the space without overpowering it with a negative vibe. She will enjoy it and you will like the ornate detailing on some of these pieces.

The Kid That Needs Space

Kids have stuff. They have video games and sports equipment. They have friends who like to hang out. They likely have at least a few thoughts on how their space should be organized so that they can have all the room they need. Consider investing in platform storage beds in this instance. This is a great way to add more storage to your child’s bedroom so that he can place a few chairs in the room and spread out with friends. Simply allow him to use the storage underneath the bed for clothing and his stuff and remove a dresser from the space.

The Boy Who Wants the Grown Up Feel

In some cases, teenage boys want to feel more grown up. You can often help them to find that right fit in furniture by checking out some of the wrought iron and wood bed combinations available. This is a great way for them to have that adult feeling room while still having a tasteful look for the space. Compliment it with matching dressers and other furniture for the space.

You Want Support

One thing that you do not want to compromise on when it comes to your kid’s bed is the support they get from their mattress. When kids become teens, it is necessary to upgrade their mattress to one that offers more support and comfort to them. A good option for this is the Beautyrest World Class Mattress or similar options.

No matter if you are looking for something affordable like metal beds or you want something that adds storage space to their room, teens want to have a role in the selection process of their furniture. Take some time to check out a few new pieces for them. You may find that these are some of the best investments you make for their future, too. Then, extend to them some level of creative freedom over the rest of the space.

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