Jacqueline Bed

Money has become tight, and many people are discovering that their carefully saved decorating and remodeling budget is not stretching as far as they believe it would. Wood and metal are both becoming extremely expensive, and some are shocked at how expensive a metal bed has become. These high prices feel as though they will last forever, and some people have given up on trying to find the bed that they have been dreaming of and choose, instead, to wait and save their money for a brighter day. It is possible to find and afford the metal bed of your dreams, as long as you look to the right manufacturers.
Hillsdale Furniture is one company that you should take a second look at if you’re trying to find discount metal beds that will be the style and look that you’re searching for. They make dozens of different types of metal and wood beds and are more focused on creating a beautiful, solid, and affordable bed than any other manufacturer in the business. When you purchase a Hillsdale Furniture bed, you can rest easy knowing that it will not only be beautiful now, but will also be beautiful thirty, forty, and fifty years down the road.
The Jacqueline Bed is a beautiful bed for someone who loves the era when gilded excess was something to strive for. This metal bed has a great deal of detail on it, from embellished scrollwork and castings to ornate spindles. The color is a classic brown and pewter combination, making this affordable bedroom furniture look antique even though it is brand new. It comes in all full, queen, and king sizes, and is a beautiful bed for a married couple or to use in a spare room.

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