Is Your Bed Causing You To Lose Sleep?

A good night’s sleep is essential for a person to feel they are performing at their best. Well rested brains and bodies are simply healthier than those who suffer from insomnia and sleep deprivation. A good night of sleep can help you manage your stress, improve your memory and help your heart and circulatory systems perform at an optimal rate. A good night’s sleep can lift your spirits. It clears out the detritus of your day and literally helps you take a load off of your mind. Sleep is restorative. A human being cannot live without getting consistently good night’s rests.

Sometimes the fault of bad sleep lies with the bed. A good mattress is an important part of the sleep equation. You want your spine and body to be supported comfortably in a manner that is restful. Lumps and bumps and dips in a mattress can cause for far too many night sleep that are not at all restful. As a rule of thumb, a mattress should be replaced approximately every ten years. Whether the mattress is firm or soft, of traditional materials or newer materials such as a memory foam mattress is purely personal preference.

If a person finds themselves under stress, sleep can help relieve this stress. While a person sleeps, the body’s natural healing powers kick in. Part of these healing powers of the body is the ability to reduce stress and inflammation. This is a large part of why one wakes feeling so totally refreshed and recharged after a good night’s sleep. This is also why when sleep is lost, one feels fuzzy and forgetful and clumsy. Sleep is essential to well being, this cannot be stressed enough.

As a person grows older, sleep can become more elusive. This is due to simple factors like stress and having a lot on your mind and to more complicated factors relating to physical and mental health. As we age, our internal clocks change as well, which can sometimes make a person feel less rested than they should. A good night’s sleep is a fundamental necessity. Sleep is as important as water and food to health and well-being. Make sure your bed and sleep environment is comfortable and cozy and conducive to a good night’s sleep every single night.

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