Is A Trundle Bed Right For You?

Bedroom furniture has been, and is continuing to, evolve. It used to be that we slept on rocks and a dirt floor. Eventually we moved onto sleeping on softer materials like pine needles and brush. Mattresses were invented and the whole concept of how to sleep changed. Bedroom furniture suddenly became important. Some bedroom furniture, which was considered commonplace years ago, is now not seen as often.

Trundle a Bundle

One piece of bedroom furniture that was seen in most bedrooms in the beginning of America is the trundle bed. The first settlers that lived in America had very little to live on. Their houses were usually just one room dwellings with dirt floors and an indoor fireplace. The mudded stone walls kept out the cold, generally, and the only pieces of furniture to be found were ones that were brought over on the ship with the family.

One of the first pieces of furniture that was built in the small homes of people that had children was a trundle bed. A trundle bed is a bed that hides another, smaller bed underneath it. The smaller bed is usually on rollers and slides out very easily. In a time when they had little room, trundle beds were invaluable. They gave the children a place to sleep during the evening and tucked up out of the way during the day. Trundle beds were the perfect solution for a small household.

Trundle and Truckle Today!

Trundle beds are still of use today! Some trundle beds are called truckle beds and are different only in that they slide completely away from the original bed structure. Trundle beds are attached and will not roll away. They are an invaluable piece of youth furniture and families that have young children can make tons of uses out of trundle beds. You can pull the trundle bed out when your child has a sleep over, or you can take the mattress out of the bed to provide the perfect place to store toys or bed linens.

Some step-families find trundle beds to be the answers to their prayer. If you have a step-son or daughter coming to stay with you on the weekends, you need a place for them to sleep, but having a full bunk bed may not be a possibility. Trundle beds allow you to provide a sleeping place for step-children while not cluttering up a room unnecessarily when they’re not staying with you.

Trundle beds are as valuable a piece of bedroom furniture now as they were over a hundred years ago. They are almost always made of wood and can be a valuable addition to any room, but especially to the room of a child. Some choose to put a trundle bed in their spare room and use it as a daybed or as a place to allow their grandchildren to sleep when they visit!

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