Insomnia – Is It Only Age Related?

The main cause of insomnia is not age. Instead factors like medication, caffeine and alcohol consumption, sleep disorders, poor sleeping habits are the reasons behind sleeplessness.

The Importance Of Good Sleep

No matter what your age is, a good night’s sleep is essential for all. A good night’s sleep improves the overall physical health and emotional well-being of a person. Proper sleep also aids memory development and improves concentration.

Common Sleep Problems

Some sleep problems that cause insomnia are:

Frequent waking at night and light sleep Difficulty in falling asleep Excessive napping during the day Waking up before time Not feeling rested in the morning Wanting to sleep earlier than usual.

An individual needs to sleep for at least 7-9 hours everyday. Only if he or she is able to achieve a good night’s sleep would he or she be active during the day.

Healthy Lifestyle – Related To Good Sleep

Eating a healthy diet and following a regular exercise routine can help reduce insomnia. Even research has linked the health of a person to their sleep quality. The better the health of an individual, the more he is likely to sleep well. Among older people, an active lifestyle coupled with positive outlook towards life leads to fewer sleep-related complaints.

Sleep Tips For The Elderly

While maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all that we need to do to get good sleep, the elderly should follow the below mentioned tips to get rid of insomnia:

Keep a regular schedule by sleeping at the same time everyday. Try not to nap too close to bedtime. Keep yourselves engaged in social activities and family affairs. Get at least two hours of sunlight everyday. Wear ear plugs if snoring keeps you up. Quit smoking. Nicotine is a stimulant and can keep one awake for long hours. Lastly, take a warm water bath or listen to some soft music before hitting the bed.

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