How to Choose a Metal Bed

It used to be that all furniture was made out of wood. This was because wood was the easiest thing to turn into a piece of furniture. Wood was extremely malleable and plentiful, which is why most of the antique pieces of furniture you find are all made out of strong and hearty wood. In the 1850’s, however, furniture makers figured out how to create amazing pieces of furniture out of metal. These pieces were turned into brass beds or iron beds.
Brass Beds
Brass beds began as a status symbol for the very wealthy. You weren’t anyone if you didn’t have a brass bed. These beds were made in a number of different ways, from making the entire thing out of brass, to making the rails out of steel, to adding a clear lacquer to create a different sort of look. Popularity on these beds grew when Charles Rogers built a factory to mass produce brass beds. This brought the cost down and the desire to own one up!
Many people that are renovating older homes choose to go with brass beds due to the look of the bed. Porcelain finials were eventually added to some brass beds, making them go from classy to truly unique. Brass beds are available in a variety of styles, including art deco, Edwardian, and contemporary. Companies like the Fashion Bed Group and Hillsdale Furniture have jumped onto the metal bed wagon and offer a wide variety of brass beds.
Iron Beds
Iron beds were almost as popular as brass beds in the late 1800’s. They were painstakingly created by hand. Iron artists would cast each piece and then would apply the details and finish by hand. Records show that it used to take days to create one bed, which is why they were so popular.
Iron beds stopped being made, however, during World War I. This is because the military decided that it needed all of the iron available to create guns and other military necessities. This meant the end of iron beds and the end of many of the factories that created them. When World War I ended, however, iron beds were once again manufactured. Many complain that the hand-made iron beds were much more beautiful. That may have been true in the early 1900’s, but it is not true now.
Technology has allowed manufacturers to create beautiful iron beds that look great in any room. These iron beds generally come in either an antique or contemporary bedroom furniture styles and are made with dozens of different kinds of finishes, so you can get any look you would like!
A beautifully made metal bed is still a mark of status, even though the prices are extremely affordable! Nothing helps a room look as perfect as a metal bed does, especially since there are so many different options available to choose from!

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