Full Size Bed Frame

When choosing a bed size, you probably came here to read about a full sized bed because you’re a little worried that if you stick a queen or larger sized bed in your room, you won’t have enough room to move around! We hear you. A Full (or double) sized bed is a smart option if you’re looking to save some space and yet still look like you’re an adult with a large bed – plus the bed, and everything that comes with the purchase of a new bed, will be substantially cheaper than the other sizes. This bed size is perfect for college students, smaller guest rooms, or teenagers’ rooms. The perfect combination of style and efficiency are full size platform beds.

Full beds gain all of the benefits of traditional, larger sized beds – without taking up all the extra space. Platform beds especially, but a full size bed is usually a little more modest with extruding design. But if you’re worried that this bed is going to take up too much space, it is possible to add to your full sized platform bed a set of under-bed storage drawers. More often than not, most beds have this feature, and the benefit is clear: matching drawers (trust me, Tupperware is NOT attractive to house stuff under your bed) that are spacious, and that are low profile which helps keep the attention off of the drawers and onto the bed frame you’ve picked out.

If you’re interested in a full sized platform bed, it’s important to note for frugal purchasers that their needs can be met as well. There is so much variation with construction and the possible design elements that come with the purchase of a platform bed, that you can either get beds that are made with sturdy composite wood – or beds that have beautiful teak or mahogany.

Recap time: We’ve talked about how a full size bed is the smart choice for those with modest bedroom sizes. We’ve also mentioned the horrors of Tupperware and under-bed storage. Finally, people with a mind on their money can get their money off their mind because there are tons of options available that can bring the price down for those consumers. Buying a platform bed, especially a full size, is a great option for people looking to save some space but have the modern appeal of a nice looking platform bed.

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