Design-Minded Couple Makes Millions Rethinking Furniture Choices

The Daily Herald recently ran a piece online about Brooke Giannetti, creator of the very popular Velvet & Linen blog. Though her design aesthetic might not speak to everyone, Giannetti has made a splash in the design world because of her ability to mix and match old and new in a way that is truly eye-catching.

In this news piece, Brooke responds to questions about her love of Patina and how that can make a space feel so much more homey and inviting. It is absolutely true that the old and new are meeting in fun and exciting ways in recent years. Many homeowners are finding the beauty in yesteryear’s junk.

Giannetti recommends painting a room with “natural, muddy colors” to make it feel more serene. Many design experts agree that this is a very welcomed palette, especially in bedrooms. A new organic mattress can be brought in and supported on an antique bed frame and be a very beautiful way to set the tone for the room: natural, peaceful, and serene. Matched with the right Hillsdale dresser or chest, the patina of the bed frame can be met in beautiful contrast as well.

For many people, it is difficult to move away from the matchy-matchy of sets and ensembles, but truly beautiful works of art incorporate pieces that aren’t exact matches, but that mesh well. Antique iron frames with plush ivory bedding and a soft, washed sage wall can be even more striking than the modern lines and cool finishes of all new pieces. Finding ways to incorporate used items can “…give you the feeling of being connected to the past,” Brooke reminds us. She is absolutely right. Old and new have made us who we are and they can also work hand-in-hand to create the beauty around us.

If you love the look of patina, then you may also love Giannetti’s blog that will provide excellent ideas for mixing and matching to create the perfect home for your family.

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