Decorating for Spring

Spring is reason for celebration! It is also a great time to revamp your home’s décor. After a long, colorless winter, it is time to refresh, revive, and renew our homes and spirits. Start by incorporating a little of Mother Nature’s finest into your home. Displays of fresh blooms are always cheerful and always elegant. Next, make a change in your fabrics. This is an easy, non-permanent change that will do you a lot of good. Take down heavy winter drapes and put up more luxe, sheer curtains,comforter sets, bamboo blinds, or rice paper shades to take advantage of the strengthening light.

Update your accessories; anything heavy should be moved to a closet for when you want a closer, cozier feel. Spring should be airy and light. Can you trade in your couch pillows for a pair in light pink, green, or even lilac? How about switching a fuzzy area rug for a cool canvas one? These are all very simple changes, but they make a tremendous difference in your décor. Look for inexpensive ways to incorporate spring into your home. Fill a planter with fresh flowers, line egg cups up on your desk in place of a stuffy organizer, or even dye some Easter eggs and have fun. Changing your décor can help lighten your mood as well.

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