Choosing A Child’s Bed

It seems like picking out a bed for your child should be an easy task, right? Think again! Before you set out to buy a mattress and bed frame for your child, consider the following tips:

Take your child mattress shopping. A child’s mattress should be firm and supportive but not so firm that it’s uncomfortable. Have your child lie on the mattress to find one that’s comfortable for him or her. The first option in your mind might be a twin-sized mattress, but don’t rule out an extra-long twin or a full-sized mattress, since those would allow more growing room. Make a picture list of bed frame options for your child. If you would prefer that he not choose a plastic car bed because you want to invest in wooden furniture that will last him until university, don’t put plastic car beds on the list. Look at options like bunk beds, trundle beds, storage beds, and loft beds that can act as space savers and also allow friends to sleep over comfortably. Have your child pick out a couple of beds him or her likes, and start doing some research. Price check beds in stores and on the internet, and check for quality. If you want a bed for the next two years, spend less money and get a laminate frame, but if you need something that will last your child until university, get real hardwood. Buy the bed and have your child help pick out the new sheets and blankets. Allowing your child to pick what goes in his or her room will be exciting and will give a reason to your child to take good care of his or her brand-new furniture.

You can get some great children beds out there including waterproof mattresses, and coloured children divan beds. You can also get a massive range of children themed beds such as racing car beds or dinosaur beds.

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