Choose a good bedding to be a sleeping person

Shakespeare sleep compared to the tonic in the feast of life, sleep and culture has increasingly become a topic of concern in the world, March 21 is World Sleep Day, enough to see how great importance for sleep. Many people are aware, the third time is spent in sleep, sleep quality sober time will determine life and work quality. Few people know that yes, the physique and personality of each person’s different groups of people for sleep, the bedroom arrangement and bedding types. You in the end belongs to which sleep type? May wish to make a test, and then targeted to choose their own bedding and sleeping space on a daily basis mood relaxing good night’s sleep.
Fun little test
What do you belong to sleep type?
Sleep is poor, and a variety of reasons. Now, let us do a simple test to see if they belong to which sleep type, sleep and then find a suitable solution.
You sleep What is the trouble?
A, early to lie down, but also because of unknown reasons, a long time to fall asleep.
The B, sleep almost exhausted, and sometimes there will be a nightmare situation.
C, vulnerable to the impact of day or the next things grew more and more excited, and the results are difficult to fall asleep.
D, sleep is very light, outside a slight ring will be awakened, it is difficult to once again go to sleep.
Two to get up, your state is like?
A, I feel still very sleepy during the day and have a strong desire to go to sleep.
B, whole body fatigue, limbs or neck discomfort.
C, sleep better, and fatigue as long as a few day can be adjusted.
D, no obvious sense of sleepiness, but during the day and state of the brain is sometimes not clear enough.
3 the type of work you are what?
The pressure of office-type, such as management, finance, etc.
B, the language of physical type, such as sales representatives, customer service personnel.
Creative, planning type, such as planners, writers, writers, designers and so on.
D, details of research, such as teachers, institutional research staff.
4 Which of the following to describe your sleep time?
A going to bed early (but a long time to fall asleep) to get up early.
B, stay up late to get up early.
C, time uncertain, and often stays up late.
D, the standard schedule.
5 the following points reflect the needs of your bedroom?
A, a sense of security lighting, positioning of the bed.
B, bedding to provide relaxation and regulation functions.
C, open, not repression, is able to self-expression space.
D, warm and comfortable, romantic and elegant style.
Analysis and response of the test results
If the answer to A up to belong to the anxiety type.
Type of anxiety is the most common type of insomnia is mostly caused by mental stress, anger, work or ideological pressure, environmental change and other factors. Easy to anxiety type of insomnia is definitely the usual career of a great relationship, especially women and leadership of the management of more than 30 years of age, such as chief financial officer, private owners. The type of anxiety, insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, the most significant, every night lying in bed, tossing and turning can not sleep, my mind thinking about some things but can not be resolved, the result is more and more convinced sleep a long time also fear up on sleep .
● bedroom program
Mainly soft and light tones create a soothing tranquility
The population of this type of attitude adjustment is critical. The layout of the bedroom, do not seek special fancy, but to creating a soothing, quiet atmosphere and ease the anxiety of mind. Main color on a soft light tones such as beige, light coffee, milk yellow, light brown, etc. are all good choices, too high saturation red, is yellow will make people more anxious, and should be avoided; and deep The tone is feeling depressed, not suitable for the anxiety-type crowd.
The bedroom is not too much space, so as not more than 20 square meters, and not placing too many electrical appliances in the bedroom. In style, you can try a large area of ​​blank space, Zen Oriental style; like European classical sense of the room should be kept simple and the atmosphere, not used deep colors and excessive moldings. Suitable choice of simple, soft bed of the atmosphere, best bed against the wall and the side of the next wall, the placement of private space for expression, and through appropriate fabric softening. The bedroom light must be soft, warm light and local lighting, corner of burning a furnace incense or supports sandalwood appreciate that faint aroma inner peacefulness.
Exhaustion type
If the answer of B belongs to a burnout.
Exhaustion crowd often sleepless nights for work orentertainment, do not pay attention to sleep and rest, and mental ability so that it functions to reduce the excessive use of, or long-term monotonous repetitive tasks arising from monotonousboredom. Mental and physical double overdraft the most obvious manifestation is the poor quality of sleep such as insomnia, donot coherent dream, woke up in a nightmare.
● bedroom program
Simple and warm, emphasizing comfort
Emphasizing the functional comfort of the bedroom is the best choice of the exhaustion type of crowd. Making their beds, mattresses and other bedding and comfort is a strong demand is relatively high, one can adjust the angle of the bed or some user-friendly design for fatigue crowd details, such as protection of thecervical spine, fit the design of the spine to help fatigue crowdquickly restore physical and mental.
Overall atmosphere of the bedroom to be simple, warm,pleasant, soft, natural colors on the color-based, such as beige,light green, light brown and other such groups want the bedroomsreflect the most direct and comfort, decorated simple, freshsimple and easy modern style is a good choice in this population.The furniture should follow the principle of easy to use, can be as little as possible, so that the bed be the principal. Lighting tonesto the soft warm light-based, the main lighting is not being on theimplantation.

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