Children’s Beds – Combining Safety, Comfort And Fun

So you have finally decided it’s time for your child to progress from her baby cot to a real bed? Agreed, it’s tough to let go of that lovely crib and bedding that you selected with great care. But you must understand that as the baby grows, her bed needs to grow too. And these beds need not be boring traditional ones.

Now you get to choose from exciting styles of children’s beds that neatly combine comfort and fun with advanced safety features. Contemporary designs of children’s beds are specially noted for their innovative themes and color combinations that can make the most find-it-hard-to-sleep children look forward to bedtime.

Studies show that kids naturally gravitate towards beds with higher ‘comfort appeal’. That means the more comfortable the design and look of the bed, the less stressful bedtime will be. Now that’s another fact you must keep in mind while choosing a bed for your child. Here are some bed styles that you may consider:

Bunk beds:

If your two children share a room, purchasing bunk beds will help save lots of space. Although there are two beds in a bunk bed – one above the other – it is a single piece of furniture. Today, certain models of bunk beds are specially designed so that they can be separated into individual beds. For long term use, that’s an option worth considering.

Storage beds:

If you need a traditional bed for your child plus space to store his stuff and yet need to use as little space as possible, check out storage beds that feature drawers below the bed. So your child will have a great bed in addition to plenty of space to store his clothes, books and toys.

Hideaway beds:

For teenagers who will often have a friend staying over, it is best to choose a hideaway bed that consists of one regular bed with another bed that can be pulled out from its base. When the second bed is not in use, it can be neatly tucked away underneath.

No matter what bed you choose, make sure it complies with the British Safety Standards.

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