Chemical insect repellent products, difficult than the home bedding blog yarn nets

High-temperature days, making the insect repellent product sales hot. Although the home bedding blog supermarket, mosquito coils, sprays, liquid mosquito repellent products such as dazzling, but more consumers still favor the traditional gauze nets. “Child was 3 months, or to buy mosquito nets with the most ease.” Zhaoyuan city in Shandong nets a supermarket counter, consumers selected side edge of Ms.
Lee told the author, the family nets Polegedong, these days the mosquito and particularly, children are often bitten, mosquito repellent products because of concerns of toxic, so I decided to buy a set of nets to the children or use. Types of home bedding blog goods used to repel mosquitoes particularly rich, ordinary mosquito coils, aerosol sprays, mosquito paste, and even toilet water also comes with a lot of insect repellent effect.
The author notes that these products are effective insect repellent composition and content were clearly marked, such as a mosquito-repellent incense liquid to mark the “ether Ju PTFE content: 0.62%” and so forth, and all of the home bedding blog spray as well Mosquito packaging is labeled “low toxicity”, “micro-drug” message

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