Edgewood Bed

It is a mistaken belief that style and sophistication costs a great amount of money. If you do it right, stylish and sophisticated furniture can be extremely inexpensive, as long as you look in the right places. For example, furniture from Hillsdale Furniture is very inexpensive, yet is designed as well as the more expensive designer names are. Each affordable bedroom furniture set is created by furniture designers who are always looking forward and are trying to find ways to combine classic looks with more modern designs.
The Edgewood Bed is a perfect example of a classic design that has been twisted to create a unique and beautiful look. This bed started out as a straight metal bed with slats, and simply by angling the footboard and headboard, the bed takes on a whole new design and looks extremely modern and contemporary. This metal bed is finished in a magnesium pewter finish and is available in twin, queen, and even king sizes, making a strong impact on whatever bedroom you choose to put it in. This bed is best to be paired with gray or dark designs, and can give you a different look depending on which colors you add to it. If you have dark colored walls and sheets, you can create a very austere look, while lighter color fabrics and walls will give it a more romantic look.
This metal bed is built to last, and is also built to impress. Showing a friend or family member this bed will immediately remark in a flurry of compliments and questions, as it is not every day that you see a design that looks so classic at first glance but that is so unique once you stare at it for a moment or two. The Edgewood Bed is a good bet for any couple or single person, no matter what type of design they love, as it appeals to many different styles.

Cozy Comfort Ideas for Your Bedroom This Season

Summer’s almost over, and you are starting to think about crisp autumn nights, curled up in your bed, enjoying the firelight and a cocktail while you relax and watch some television. However, as you look at your bedroom, you’re finding that it appears cold and uninviting, and you aren’t particularly anxious to spend a great deal of time in there right now. What can you do to make your bedroom cozier for the upcoming fall?
If you have Wooden Bedroom Furniture, you are already at a great starting point. Wood feels very festive for fall and winter, and you can do a lot to improve the decorative appearance without making any adjustments to your furniture at all. For example, you can take a dresser or armoire and wrap the handles in gold or burgundy ribbon and drape the top with a colorful autumn-colored scarf. You can change the sheets and comforter on the large oak bed to reflect the gold, burnt orange, and brilliant red of fall leaves, or you can go with a simple brown and tan motif. If you have a bed with posters, consider draping a canopy for the season.
Black Bedroom Furniture can present a bit more of a challenge because it is very stark and sleek regardless of the decor you include with it. However, consider temporarily upholstering your headboard with cheerful fall colors or a nice print that makes you think of the season. If you use staples, this can easily be removed or replaced with each season to come. You can also change the sheets and dressings on the bed to create a less cold, uninviting appearance, and if you get excited enough, perhaps you’ll even decide to paint some of the furniture or the room itself.
Working with contemporary beds is a bit easier because the styles are more versatile, and if you don’t have such a setup, you can find tons of gorgeous, inexpensive modern furniture and Fashion Bed Group Beds and Hillsdale House Furniture. When you get a wild hair to change your look this fall, make sure you create a comfortable space for your relaxation with cool fall colors

Choosing the Right Wood for Your Bed

When you decide to decorate your bedroom with new furniture, you may want to use a lot of wood but are unsure of which type is best for your application. Whether you are purchasing a king size wood bed or are looking for youth furniture, there are probably several things you’ll want to consider in making the final determination between the various types of wood available.
First of all, determine the style in which you want to decorate. If you are looking for country bedroom furniture, you probably won’t be looking at dark, heavy woods. Cedar and oak are going to be the most common woods used in this traditional bedroom furniture, since that is what is available in country cabins and cottages and what was most often used in history in the country. Oak bedroom furniture in country style can be quite nice, and you can find it stained with an almost clear coat or slightly darkened. Cedar is similar, with a little more blondeness to the wood itself.
If you are looking for something more in the style of classical bedroom furniture, such as Victorian, Edwardian, or Baroque, you’ll probably want to shy away from cedar and oak and look for darker, harder woods from which furniture is made. Mahogany bedroom furniture works quite nicely to give a stately appearance to the furniture, appearing as though you were in a king’s or queen’s chamber two or three centuries ago. Cherry bedroom furniture can also be quite impressive, since cherry wood has a very sleek, expensive look to it, much like royalty and the aristocracy of the past. Either of these woods are often found in elaborate bedding, such as a wooden canopy bed.
With any style bed, even a metal bed, you may opt for a wooden headboard. This can add style and class to the room, being a heavy, intricate piece of art that stands large and looming above the bed or being a small, simplistic piece that simply accents the bed, falling into the background while other décor calls the viewer’s attention. Often, in a wood and iron bed, you’ll find a headboard perhaps with end pieces carved out of fine wood, such as French oak, with an intricately welded wrought iron design through the center of the headboard. This is quite a popular means of bringing more than one element of design into the room, allowing you to incorporate either modern or classic décor with comfort.
Choosing the wood for your bed is a matter of taste, especially if you have a particular style you want to achieve. In a childs bedroom furniture, if wood is the choice (more often, cheaper metal materials are used since bedding will change more often), you’ll want to use a tough but inexpensive wood, probably opting for oak. You can also choose to use MDF (medium density fiberboard – softwood chips bound with resin in extreme heat and pressure), which will stand for more abuse and is actually less expensive than wood.

Chatham Headboard – Fashion Bed Group

For a very long time, wooden furniture was the only option most individuals had. Then metal became popular and metal beds became popular, but due to the high cost of metal, only those who had a great deal of money would be able to afford metal beds. Then the cost of metal came down and the cost of wood went up, and suddenly the same people who wished that they could afford metal beds wished that they could afford wooden beds. This struggle went back and forth for a very long time.

Now, however, both metal beds and wooden beds are very popular and affordable, and both can provide your bedroom with a unique look. If modern is your style, however, you may want to look more toward a metal bed. Metal can be turned much more easily into a modern look, and when it is finished with a brushed stainless steel look, it can give you a more modern look than wood ever could.

The Chatham Headboard is created by the Fashion Bed Group, well known for both their metal and their wooden beds. This contemporary bed has bold lines, with the illusion of rectangles in between straight horizontal slacks. The full metal construction means that it will last long enough for your grandchildren to enjoy it, and the contemporary look is perfect for those bedrooms with clean, simple lines and bold, strong colors. If you’re searching for a contemporary headboard, the Chatham Headboard could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Bedroom Furniture – The Unsung Heroes

Your bedroom is the most important room in your house. It is your sanctuary; your place where the rest of the world disappears. Everyone knows that the bed is the most important piece of bedroom furniture, but did you realize that there are other pieces that are just as important, yet get little notice? It’s true! We tend to focus on our beds more than we do on anything else, probably because of the importance of that particular piece of bedroom furniture, but there are other pieces of bedroom furniture that are considered to be the unsung heroes.

The Bureau/Dresser

Where would you store your clothes if you didn’t have a bureau or dresser? Most master bedroom sets come with at least one, if not two, dressers. But honestly, think about how you’d store your clothes if you didn’t have a dresser. A lot of young adults who are living on their own for the first time will stack up milk crates in order to have someplace to store their clothes, and some will shove boxes under their beds as a way to keep the clothes out of the way.

Neither of these ways is very attractive. It is not that expensive to purchase a dresser. If you can take a few hours, you can transform a dresser you don’t care for that you purchased at a discount bedroom furniture store into a beautiful piece of bedroom furniture. Simply strip off the old paint or varnish, by using chemicals, sanding, or a combination of both, and apply new stain to the wood. Or, if the wood is too damaged to look good stained again, use paint that is meant to go on wood. You can transform an old, 70’s looking bureau into a beautiful piece of colored, or black, furniture.

The Night Stand

Have you ever given much thought to where your bedside lamp or alarm clock sits? For most people, it is their night stand. A night stand is usually the last piece of bedroom furniture that people think to purchase, and it’s only when they realize that they will have to put their alarm clock halfway across the room do they recognize the importance of this particular piece of bedroom furniture. Night stands can come as part of a bedroom set and can match the dressers, headboards, or other pieces of furniture, but quite often people purchase matching night stands at a discount furniture store as an afterthought. Almost always, though, the night stands match and become a permanent fixture in the bedroom.

The next time you’re in your bedroom, or are shopping for furniture onine, take a look at The Fashion Bed Group, check out the pieces of furniture that you use without thinking. What about the chair that you have at the end of your bed that helps you get dressed in the morning, or the hope chest that keeps all of your cherished belongings safe? Pieces that you often don’t think about turn around to become pieces that are passed down from generation to generation.

Bedroom Furniture For The Golden Years

It seems like young people get all the fun. They get to enjoy the fast cars, they get to enjoy the fast lifestyle, while you may be feeling your age much more than you wish you were. Who says young adults can have more fun than you? Most adults that are reaching their golden years have something that no young person could ever have: experience. Don’t feel as though you have to decorate your home or to choose your bedroom furniture a specific way just because you are of a certain age. Decorate it the way you like!

Age is Only a Number

There are plenty of older women and men who enjoy doing the same things that their younger counterparts do. Some head out to go fishing, others hit the craft show, and still some head into the clubs on a weekly basis! The only thing that says exactly how old you are is your license and birth certificate, so act the way you feel, not the way a piece of paper says you should act, and choose traditional or contemporary bedroom furniture. Live life the way you want to.

Decorating for You

You might be looking around and realizing that the same pieces of master bedroom furniture that have been in your home for over twenty years. If this is the case, it’s probably time to change things a bit. Furniture is one of the few things that can change but still remain the same. A chair might look different, but it is still for resting your behind on! And some of the classics, such as brass or iron beds, are still considered to be in the height of popularity. Decorate your home to reflect how old you feel, and start with the bedroom.


The bedroom is the most private inner sanctum that anyone has. Out of all of the rooms in your home, this one should tell exactly who you are. Go for a bed that makes you feel good. Go for a comfortable bed! As stated before, metal beds are all the rage, as are some of the darker wooden pieces. Sleigh beds are a classic that will never die, and slat beds can provide a unique contrast in any room.

Side Pieces

Once you choose a bed, whether it is a metal bed or a wood bed, find a bureau and side table that speaks to you. Some choose to make things easy by choosing affordable bedroom sets, but others choose to look at companies like the Fashion Bed Group and Hillsdale Furniture, and pick individual pieces that strike their fancy. Remember: there is no rule that says that all of your pieces must match perfectly. Sometimes a piece that has the same color wood, but a different design, adds a unique feel to the room. If you do feel that everything should match, make sure that you approve of all of the pieces in the collection, not just one or two.

Being older doesn’t mean you have to be old, especially when it comes to enjoying your home and your master bedroom furniture! Let loose a little bit and try things that you’ve never thought you’d do. Color the walls bright and choose pieces that say who you truly are.

Bedroom Furniture For A New School Year

Let’s face it; your kids are growing up. This fall, they are going back to school but have graduated to the next level. Your little boy isn’t so little and is entering junior high, and your daughter is a young woman, starting her freshman year in a new school. As they get older, their likes and habits change, and that includes clothes, pastimes, and even their bedroom decor. Maybe it’s time to rethink the their bedroom furniture and replace it with new affordable childrens bedroom sets this fall that allows them to feel a bit more grown up.
Of course, you’ve already spent a lot of money preparing them for the school year. You’ve bought new wardrobes – partly because they’ve grown out of their old clothes and partly because they have to fit in and wear the latest fashion trends. You’ve bought new backpacks and school supplies. You’ve paid the extracurricular fees so that your son can play baseball and your daughter can pursue her dream of being a track star. That means that, if you are going to move forward with the redecorating of their rooms, you’ll need to find affordable bedroom sets that are solid and of good quality but within your minimal budget. Take a look at the Kathy Ireland Union Square Bedroom Set, which is pleasant, grown up, and inexpensive.
When you look at youth bedroom sets for your kids, you should keep in mind that “youth” and “child” are two different things. Neither of your children at this point in their lives are going to want Transformers or Barbie on their bed sheets, and your daughter is probably going to want to move away from the frilly princess motif. Your son is going to want something that, while not serious and grown up perhaps, shows that he’s left his childhood behind and is on his way to becoming a young man (the Tomorrows Paradise Kids Panel Bed from Kathy Ireland is a good example).
Also remember that bedroom furniture for kids needs to continue to take the abuse that may be heaped upon it. Whereas your own bed is a place to sleep or to lie down and read a book or magazine, a child’s bed is a place to do homework, toss toys and clothes, plop down while talking on the phone, share space with friends, and eat and drink snacks after school. Boys will climb all over their furniture, and girls will drape clothes and other things all over it. So, be certain that whatever you buy is sturdy and long-lasting, preferably coming with a long warranty.
You can change out your child’s furniture so that they feel more like the young adult they are becoming without emptying their college savings. Don it for yourself, and do it for your kids this fall.