CA King Size Bed

For the longest bed size on the market, look no further than a California King sized platform bed. California king (also known as Ca. or Cal. king beds) are the perfect choice for tall people who want the benefit of a king size bed but need some extra length. At 72” wide and 84” long, California king beds are four inches less wide than standard king beds, but four inches longer. While these beds are definitely big enough for sharing with another person, they can also be used by very, very tall single people who want to sleep from corner to corner (Looking for a wider bed with the most sleeping width available? Try the standard king size).
The California King size is the most popular on the west coast, but never fear! You’ll find

Platform beds are a great solution for mattresses this large because they rarely require a box spring. Due to the fact that these beds are so large, platform beds provide a stylish and decorative way to frame them as a centerpiece for your bedroom. Our modern platform beds are available in modern, updated styles featuring hardwood construction and clean, modern designs that remove bulk. Features as upholstered or leather-covered headboards add style without taking up more additional space. For more eco-friendly alternatives, Asian designs feature sustainable hardwood construction such as plantation teak or reclaimed mahogany for people looking to be green. Combined with coordinating accessories such as nightstands and dressers, Asian California king sized platform beds are a popular choice for master bedrooms. We also offer traditional platform beds if you’re in the market for a more timeless style. If you are in the market for a platform bed, we’re here to help you find exactly what you need.

Baby Cribs

Saftey, safety, safety. That should be number one on your list of priorities when looking for a crib. All cribs should have a JPMA certification badge shown before you even consider purchasing one. Cribs without the badge will be cheaper, but do not sacrifice crib safety for price. Look for the badges, or certifications listed before considering design.

That being said, convertible cribs are an up and coming trend for new parents all over the USA! One price for three different beds – it’s a great idea, and it’s no wonder why it’s taking off all over the place.

If you’re in the market for a baby crib that is just strictly a baby crib, then here are a few things that you should look out for. Style! Most baby cribs feature an old fashioned design meant to give a traditional feel to your nursery. Peace and tranquility in your nursery will give your newborn peace of mind when they stare up at their mobile spinning slowly while suspended just inches from their eyes.

You want the best bed for your baby because the baby’s comfort is crucial. Sleep is incredibly important to your baby’s proper growth and neural development, and the best way to ensure healthy sleep in your infant is to accommodate your child with a comfortable bed. This works in your favor, as well, because if your child is not comfortable, they will let you know in the loudest way possible. A happy baby means happy parents.

Captain’s Beds

Captain’s beds have become a popular choice for traditionally-themed kids’ bedroom furniture. Originally used on board ships to keep the crew’s valuables safe, they have become a wonderful type of bed for kids’ and adults’ rooms alike. While your child may not be headed out to sea anytime soon, the classic design and storage capability of captain kids’ beds are perfect for keeping kids’ bedrooms spic and span (at least in theory!). The classic design and storage capabilities of these beds make them perfect for those looking for a clean and classy space saving option.

A captain’s bed features the simple wood box design with storage drawers under the bed with the philosophies of a platform bed. For added storage space, many styles of captain’s beds feature bookcase-style headboards. They are available in all kinds of styles, in both twin and full sizes, and are perfect for your kids’ bedtime stories, clothes, toys galore. These beds make cleaning up easy and fun, giving your kids an out-of-the-way storage space. Most styles are made from solid hardwood, providing the beds with sturdiness and solidity and are designed to last years of good nights’ sleeps.

Captain’s beds are classy enough to last a child into their teens, when those “kiddy” beds just don’t cut it anymore. They are perfect for guestrooms, where you can provide your guests with extra space to store their essentials. Many of our captain’s beds also have matching dressers, desks, armoires, nightstands, and other accessories to keep your child or guest room well-equipped.

We have dedicated ourselves to providing you with the very best customer service, giving our customers free shipping and to most of our customers, tax free purchases. Shipping times on our canopy beds are faster than most competitors and we offer you a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you love your new bedroom furniture. We’re more than happy to help you find the perfect bedroom furniture for your little one.

Theme Beds

To many kids, bedtime and beds aren’t exactly the greatest and most fun place to be. Change that by giving your little one a bed that speaks to their imagination. Children’s furniture should allow kids to enjoy what they love best about their childhood – their imagination. Let their dreams of a perfect bed come alive with our selection of theme beds. It’s a wonderful and ingenious way to encourage your little one to sleep in his or her own bedroom or encouraging them to sleep through the night. Not only that, they give your little one a perfectly themed space for sleepovers and playdates.

Whether it’s a princess castle for your beautiful princess or a space=themed platform bed for your astronaut to be, you’ll surely find a themed bed in here right for your child. Our beds are made from solid hardwood or hardwood with veneers with hand-painted finishes, giving you the traditional quality and durability, but with that extra special design for an extra special child. They can be fun. They can be functional. They make bedtime fun for both parent and child.

When purchasing your little one’s theme bed, consider transforming their entire bedroom into their very own dream. With our matching dressers, nightstands, armoires, desks, lofts, and many other furniture, you’ll be able to complete a theme for your child’s room.

If you have questions that we did not answer on our website, feel free to contact us. We dedicate ourselves to customer service and are more than happy to answer any of your questions. You will love the beauty these beds offer. We would love to help you build a wonderful theme for your child’s bedroom. We provide you with free shipping and to most of our customers, tax free purchases. We want you to be absolutely happy with your child’s new bed – so come on in and explore the many themes we have to offer for your child’s room.

Bunk Beds

Remember being a child and loving your bunk bed and all the fun that it had given you? Well, they still are just as fun and just as wonderful for families. Bunk beds give families an easy way to bond and create a fun area for their enjoyment. These beds become more than just beds – they become a play for fun, a place where our kids imaginations can soar. Even if we’re not children anymore, today’s bunk beds can still help us. Aside from the beauty of fun in bunk beds, they are the greatest space saving beds out there.

These bunks beds are perfect for the families that are looking for a way to save space while providing their kids with a bit of fun from what would normally be a mundane bed. Our bunk beds are also popular for many other people without children. College students use our bunk beds and loft beds to create space for entertaining in dorm rooms and small living situations, cutting the bed space required in half. Loft beds make a great little nook in any room to house a desk and computer station. Storage drawers underneath provide even more space saving options by providing a convenient, under-bed storage.

Our bunk beds are not those flimsy bunk beds you find in most online stores. Customers choose us because our bunk beds and loft beds are durable, long lasting, sustainable, and provide you with the utmost quality out there. We dedicate ourselves to customer service and provide our customers with free shipping and most of our customers with tax free purchases. We ship our bunk beds and loft beds faster than most competitors and we offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you love the bed that you purchase. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect bunk bed.

Traditional Platform Beds

Classic style homes need classic furniture to match. Designed with all of the space saving benefits that our modern platform beds provide, our traditional platform beds are a wonderful feature to have in your home to offer the style you need to blend in with your home. All of our platform beds come complete with slat kits to support your mattress without the need of a bulky box spring. With the quality construction techniques of the modern world and its timeless design and character, our traditional platform beds are sure to please.

Our traditional platform beds are a great way to accent any home. With their modern materials and designs used to accentuate the classic styles of a traditional bedroom, they will surely give your home a boost in design and style.

We stand behind every bed that we sell. Like all of our products, the materials and construction methods used can be greatly affected by the quality and durability of a king size platform bed frame. We’ve inspected and tested every platform bed we carry and provide you with the essential information that you need to choose the right bed for you.

Because shopping online can be difficult at times, we’ve made it a mission to take the guess work from choosing a platform bed. We provide you with high quality images complete with detailed descriptions of all the beds that we carry. With this mission, you’re guaranteed to discover the perfect bed frame for your bedroom.

Still have questions or concerns? Our staff are waiting to take your call. We believe in answering your questions ourselves and never using call services. So give us a call if you have a question we’ve failed to address online. We can assist you in answering any question you have!

Welcome to Bed Frames Online

Welcome to Bed Frames Online, your ultimate destination for the finest traditional and modern bed frames on the market! Because it’s about time that there was an online bed frame store that offered totally novel bedroom sets perfectly suited to your unique tastes and style.

A bed frame is a crucial element in any modern home design. Not only do these bed frames provide a comfortable and accessible sleeping surface, but they also facilitate a gorgeous, warm, and inviting atmosphere in any bedroom. Many contemporary bed frames are ideal for their space-efficiency, as well, offering storage space and traffic facilitation in your home.

No matter what your preferences are, whether you are looking for modern bed frames, platform beds, Asian-inspired bed frames, or even traditional king bed frames and everything in between, rest assured we have your needs covered. Our unique catalog has been meticulously compiled from a number of well-regarded and high quality manufacturers, and each individual bed we sell has been painstakingly researched and hand-selected to be included in our expansive collection.

Made of sturdy tempered aluminum, solid oak, or rich and exotic teak, our bed frames are engineered to be absolutely stunning but also to last a lifetime. We believe that first impressions count, but lasting impressions matter. With that in mind, know that all of our products are as durable, sturdy, and quality-oriented as they are beautiful and comfortable.

We have carefully categorized all of our products to make your shopping experience easy and fulfilling. Tailor your own browsing and shopping experience with us; we’ve designed our site with you in mind!

Are you having trouble deciding which bed is perfect for you? Feel free to give our customer service department a call. We have ample hands-on experience with the bed frames we sell and can help you choose the perfect bed. What makes California Kings unique from standard king beds? Will a queen bed frame fit up your narrow flight of stairs? Find out today, call our customer service agents!

Once again, welcome to our selection of classic and contemporary platform bed frames. We invite you to peruse our catalog, and hope you just might discover the perfect platform bed frame for you.

Tips On Buying Bed And Accessories For Babies

Your newborn will spend most of her time sleeping or lying in the cot. She will also play, sweat, spill milk, puke and probably sometimes pee in her bed. When she learns to lift herself, she will hold the cot, try to get out of it, lick it, bite it, taste it and put it to a good many uses you could never even dream of. She will snuggle into the pillows, bury her head in the sheets and dig into the blankets. By the time she’s ready to be shifted, she will probably have tasted the sheets and chewed on the pillow, too. Already getting nightmares? Well, choose the right bed and accessories, and you won’t have to worry half as much!

First and foremost, choose natural fibres and fabrics. Stick to organic/ anti toxic products. Make sure everything you buy for your baby passes British Quality control and fire resistance standards. One tip: research reveals that fire retardants such as PBDEs cause learning deficiencies in animals and even passes on through breast milk, so better banish them from your home altogether. For the same reason, choose non toxic and safe paint on the walls and the furniture in the nursery.

The mattress may be of rubberised coir, and should fit snugly into the cot without leaving any space where little fingers may get jammed in later. In the initial stages, experts’ advice using blankets and sheets, as the layers help in controlling the body temperature of infants. Babies’ bodies take time to learn regulation through sweating or heating. So, as the parent, you have to keep a watch and multiple sheets/ blankets work very well for this purpose.

Accessories require frequent washing to prevent bacteria build up so they should be easy to maintain. A quilted cotton mattress cover with vinyl backing will prevent accidental soiling of the mattress. You will also need top and bottom covers (about 4 each) and 2-4 blankets, preferably woollen ones.

Having a baby means endless trips to the nursery and sleepless nights. With safe and snug options, your little one will definitely have good sleep.

The Good Food Guide To Better Sleep

Whoever heard of eating to sleep? Farfetched as it may sound, what you eat throughout the day does affect your sleep at night, especially what you eat after dusk.

As in all healthy eating guides, a good sleep also requires that you eat light, oil free meals and snacks and stick to small amounts. Although a heavy dinner followed by a thick cup of coffee or alcohol may sound like a storybook ending to a perfect day – remember that you’ll miss out on the sweet dreams bit if you have to spend the night staring at the ceiling.

Dinner should be a light meal at least two hours before your usual bedtime. If you feel peckish before going to bed, a glass of warm skimmed milk, small quantities of whole grain low sugar cereals can do the trick.

Research reveals that the amino acid tryptopan aids in the production of serotonin by the brain, which is essential for mood regulation and sleep. Deficiencies of this chemical have been linked to insomnia, nerve disorders and depression.

Foods containing tryptopan or tryptopan supplements are now being recommended by experts. What is more, tryptopan cannot be absorbed well by the body in the presence of other amino acids present in proteins. This basically means that you should not club proteins with tryptopan if you want its full benefits. Again, calcium present in milk, soy products aids in the absorption of this amino acid.

Foods that are high in tryptopan include milk, nuts, fish, chicken, turkey, and soya products. Carbohydrates such as pasta and pastries increase the levels on tryptopans, but before you start tucking in these, remember that too much carbohydrates or fats are again harmful.

To optimise your effort, take tryptopan containing substances on an empty stomach, and not with any other proteins. You can also take supplements in the form of 5-HTA.

Sleeping Tips To Ensure Better Sleep

Check your daily habits: See what you are eating and drinking throughout the day. Eat lots of salad and fruits and avoid oily and spicy food items. Heavy food especially during the night can cause acidity and in turn decrease the quality of sleep. A regular exercise routine can help you sleep better: Physical exercise for a minimum 30 minutes a day can have a wonderful effect on one’s sleep. Exercise stimulates the body and increases its body temperature aiding a good night’s sleep. However, try and avoid exercising late at night. Choose morning hours instead. Keep your home naturally lit and airy: Research proves that those who live in a bright environment sleep better than those who don’t. Avoid napping if you can’t sleep at night: Those with sleeping trouble must avoid napping during afternoon hours. If you must nap, then do so in the early afternoon and that too for a short duration only. Alcohol reduces the quality of sleep: Contrary to popular belief that alcohol can help you sleep faster, it actually hampers the overall quality of sleep. Similar is the case with consumption of caffeine and aerated drinks especially before bedtime. Lastly, create a good sleeping environment. Remove everything from your room that disturbs your sleep. Factors like room temperature, ventilation, noise, light and an incorrect pillow or bed size can adversely affect your sleep.
If the above sleeping tips do not help, contact your doctor.

The best solution to getting a good nights sleep is still to simply have a good quality bed. If you are looking to have a stylish bed then why not look at something like a leather bed like a mondo by joseph or a more function divan with storage options? Whatever your decision here at Tranquility Beds we are sure to have the bed you require.