Captain’s Beds

Captain’s beds have become a popular choice for traditionally-themed kids’ bedroom furniture. Originally used on board ships to keep the crew’s valuables safe, they have become a wonderful type of bed for kids’ and adults’ rooms alike. While your child may not be headed out to sea anytime soon, the classic design and storage capability of captain kids’ beds are perfect for keeping kids’ bedrooms spic and span (at least in theory!). The classic design and storage capabilities of these beds make them perfect for those looking for a clean and classy space saving option.

A captain’s bed features the simple wood box design with storage drawers under the bed with the philosophies of a platform bed. For added storage space, many styles of captain’s beds feature bookcase-style headboards. They are available in all kinds of styles, in both twin and full sizes, and are perfect for your kids’ bedtime stories, clothes, toys galore. These beds make cleaning up easy and fun, giving your kids an out-of-the-way storage space. Most styles are made from solid hardwood, providing the beds with sturdiness and solidity and are designed to last years of good nights’ sleeps.

Captain’s beds are classy enough to last a child into their teens, when those “kiddy” beds just don’t cut it anymore. They are perfect for guestrooms, where you can provide your guests with extra space to store their essentials. Many of our captain’s beds also have matching dressers, desks, armoires, nightstands, and other accessories to keep your child or guest room well-equipped.

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