Canopy Bed Frames

Platform and canopy bed frames are easy methods to help you spice up what might otherwise be a dull bedroom furniture design. Few things are as elegant as majestic modern or traditional canopy bed frames, which often feature sophisticated artistry and an unexpectedly low profile. Indeed, the right bed frame is a bedroom focal point in any home.

We pride ourselves on our excellent selection of outstanding canopy bed frames, which you can view above by simply clicking on the pictures above for more detailed images and unique descriptions.

All canopy beds available on our site have been hand-picked by our qualified staff of bed frame experts to meet our exceptionally high standards of beauty and quality.

Though cheap canopy bed frames can be found all over the internet, it’s worth knowing that you will always get what you pay for. Most modern canopy beds are manufactured with cheap particle board, and are prone to damage. After just a few short years, they will inevitably become weak and unstable. On the other hand, we manufacture our wooden platform and canopy bed frames with long-lasting mortise and tenon joinery from the most durable wood products on earth, including reclaimed teak and oak.

We use reclaimed teak and oak wood for our canopy bed frames, because we believe in conserving our natural resources and protecting the environment. Reclaimed, repurposed, and plantation-grown wood products are sustainable and eco-friendly ways to furnish your room beautifully and stylishly. And repurposed wood is just as strong as fresh, tract-farmed wood products. Sometimes, it is even stronger, as it has had time to bend and adapt to different environments. Typical assembly line wood from non-sustainable farms is relatively brittle, because it is not properly cured.

We like to offer our customers the peace of mind of working towards a greener tomorrow, even as we help them create an exotic bed frame look in their homes that simply can’t be recreated with new timber. Our canopy bed frames are not only durable and absolutely stunning to behold, they are eco-friendly too.

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