Buy bedding from fabrics to craft the necessary knowledge and tricks

A solar autumn frost has passed, which means that winter quietly approaching. Recently, Beijing began to appear cool weather, people have put on winter clothes. Home life, it is time to put on an appropriate set of bedding, ready to warm the winter. Issue, the selection of bedding, for readers’ reference.
Understand the process of bedding fabrics
Home stores in a wide variety of bedding prices vary greatly, some of the price of thousands, and some less than 100 yuan. This addition to the brand value, product processing and fabric are inseparable.
Bedding process can be broadly divided into three types of printing, embroidery and jacquard. Printing bedding patterns woven fabric after printing and it’s crisp, bright colors, a wide range of flowers, fabric dust, good cleanliness and high color fastness; embroidery pattern of the bedding up with machine embroidery , good air permeability and moisture absorption; jacquard bedding patterns with different colors of tissue up, soft and delicate, gloss, feel and breathable performance. Compared with printing and embroidery bedding, jacquard bedding cost cost higher, more complex process, the price is more expensive.
According to the different fabrics, bedding generally can be divided into three kinds of plain weave, twill, and satin. Which, plain bed quality is solid, crisp bedding surface was more smooth, and the appearance of both sides of the same effect, Plain Bedding density is not high, relatively thin, abrasion resistance and breathability; plain bedding , positive and negative points of the twill bedding, soft feel, high density of bedding, relatively thick, strong sense of three-dimensional; quality of satin bed to soft, smooth and delicate cloth, it is more shiny. Three kinds of fabric, satin bedding prices.
Attention to the technical parameters of the bedding
Unqualified list of the authorities announced the bedding often the failure information of a product count, shrinkage, color fastness, etc., these people rarely contact terms are as an important indicator of the quality of bedding . Selection to the satisfaction of the bedding, sometimes also some knowledge that these technical parameters.
The technical parameters of the general bedding in the following areas:
First, the branch number. 1 gram of yarn length m, called count the higher of the number of sticks, yarn, yarn, the finer the more thin the use of such yarns of the fabric, the fabric soft and comfortable.
The second is the density. Density refers to the number of fabric arranged in a unit length of warp and weft of the number of density, the requirements and the higher the cost of manufacturing technology, the better the quality of bedding.
Third shrinkage. National Institute of Standards shrinkage of less than 4%, the raw material of the bedding, the shrinkage is different. In general, the shrinkage of cotton bedding, synthetic fiber class bedding shrinkage smaller. In addition, the density of the fabric, the shrinkage is different, the lower the density, the greater the shrinkage.
Fourth, the color fastness. Color fastness to perspiration, resistance to washing, rubbing color fastness extent. The color fastness direct impact on human health and beauty products. Poor color fastness of bedding sweat, etc. encountered in the use, will cause the fabric paint off fading, in which the dye molecules may be absorbed through the skin and is hazardous to health.
Buy bedding with tips
Craft, fabric and technical parameters of the bedding, consumers in the purchase of bedding can be targeted to the Although we can not like the technical staff with professional machine for testing bedding, but consumers in the selection of bedding can also use some practical tips to buy quality products.
First of all, the product labeling is complete. If the bedding on the packaging does not clearly indicate the safety class, grade, specification, composition, etc., try not to buy. If the above information, you can combine their need for further selection, and generally try to choose cotton, silk and other natural fiber products, these products have the advantages of soft, breathable and moisture.
Second, the product is working fine. Should be carefully checked, the selected bedding surface stains, whether there is roving, hop flowers, take color clear of defects; look at the sewing line is straight seam if flat service; see the zipper is smooth, The button is whether the firm.
Third, the smell of whether the product smell. Bedding to use in the textile dyeing and finishing a variety of finishing agents and auxiliaries, if the improper processing, resulting in residues in excess of the chemical composition, it will cause harm to humans. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of News a smell it, if the product is emitting a pungent odor, it is best not to buy.
Fourth, the friction surface of the bedding. Buy darker bedding printed or dyed fabric surface with a paper towel in the repeated friction several times, if coated with a clear color, the color fastness of the product is not good, easy to fade.

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