Bet You Never Knew Beds Came In So Many Styles

So you think shopping for a new car is tough? Then try shopping for a brand new bed. You are sure to be bowled over by the staggering number of options available today.

While most of us consider comfort as top priority while choosing a bed, let’s not forget that the bed is the centerpiece of a bedroom. So the style and design of the bed has to blend in with the overall décor of your bedroom.

Now let’s take a look at some common bed types. We will start with the typical twin bed that is intended to accommodate a single person. The limited space of the twin bed means that you can forget about squeezing two people into this bed. Also do not go for this if you are plump!

Next are the king and queen beds – the popular choices of married couples. Actually the only difference between them is that king beds are a bit bigger. If you suffer from back ache or varicose veins, check out adjustable beds that allow you to change various bed settings according to your needs.

People allergic to dust mites can now consider air beds that are dust-resistant, light, and easy to carry and inflate. Air beds are also unbelievably comfortable. However when it comes to the ultimate in comfort, nothing can beat water beds. These beds greatly soothe and relax the body. No wonder they are all the rage in spite of their expensive price tag.

Looking to make the most of your space? Try sofa beds that can be used as a sofa during daytime and spread out into a bed at night. The list does not end here. There are traditional flat beds, wall beds, bunk beds, canopy beds, platform beds and more at your local furniture store.

As to what kind of bed will suit you best, that depends on your taste, the desired comfort level, age, marital status, health, sleep habits and a host of other factors. Analyze your needs well before making a purchase.

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