Best Beds Available for Kids

While designing a kid’s room, both functionality and safety has to be kept in mind. The room should look attractive and at the same time be child friendly. It should be designed in such a manner that the kid is willing to spend his or her hours in his or her special den.

One of the important pieces of furniture for the children’s room is the bed. There is a wide range of kid’s beds available these days. The choice of a bed should depend on the age of the child, the child’s preferences, the space available and the purpose. Some parents look for beds that are comfortable and safe for a good night’s sleep whereas there are others who look for something more like multi functional beds that provide space to store kid’s toys and books and also provide good space for playing.

Some of the most common kid’s beds are

Bunk beds

This one is the preferred choice of beds for children. In bunk bed, there is one bed over another with a ladder for the child to climb up to the upper bed. This type of bed can be useful if you have two children sharing one small room. Since this bed utilises the vertical space, it is good for families staying in small homes. Bunk beds come in different varieties and sizes. However, this bed is not safe for very small children.

Single beds

This is the most common bed used for children’s room. You can choose between a wooden or a metallic and the ones with or without storage. Nowadays due to shrinking space, many people opt for beds that are raised with good storage underneath. Not only such beds store the kid’s toys, books and stationery but also double up as workstation for the kid.

Besides the above, there are futons and sofa beds available for the children. If budget and space is not a constraint, you can choose a customized bed in a special shape like a bed in the shape of a train, car, ship and so on.

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