Bedroom Furniture For A New School Year

Let’s face it; your kids are growing up. This fall, they are going back to school but have graduated to the next level. Your little boy isn’t so little and is entering junior high, and your daughter is a young woman, starting her freshman year in a new school. As they get older, their likes and habits change, and that includes clothes, pastimes, and even their bedroom decor. Maybe it’s time to rethink the their bedroom furniture and replace it with new affordable childrens bedroom sets this fall that allows them to feel a bit more grown up.
Of course, you’ve already spent a lot of money preparing them for the school year. You’ve bought new wardrobes – partly because they’ve grown out of their old clothes and partly because they have to fit in and wear the latest fashion trends. You’ve bought new backpacks and school supplies. You’ve paid the extracurricular fees so that your son can play baseball and your daughter can pursue her dream of being a track star. That means that, if you are going to move forward with the redecorating of their rooms, you’ll need to find affordable bedroom sets that are solid and of good quality but within your minimal budget. Take a look at the Kathy Ireland Union Square Bedroom Set, which is pleasant, grown up, and inexpensive.
When you look at youth bedroom sets for your kids, you should keep in mind that “youth” and “child” are two different things. Neither of your children at this point in their lives are going to want Transformers or Barbie on their bed sheets, and your daughter is probably going to want to move away from the frilly princess motif. Your son is going to want something that, while not serious and grown up perhaps, shows that he’s left his childhood behind and is on his way to becoming a young man (the Tomorrows Paradise Kids Panel Bed from Kathy Ireland is a good example).
Also remember that bedroom furniture for kids needs to continue to take the abuse that may be heaped upon it. Whereas your own bed is a place to sleep or to lie down and read a book or magazine, a child’s bed is a place to do homework, toss toys and clothes, plop down while talking on the phone, share space with friends, and eat and drink snacks after school. Boys will climb all over their furniture, and girls will drape clothes and other things all over it. So, be certain that whatever you buy is sturdy and long-lasting, preferably coming with a long warranty.
You can change out your child’s furniture so that they feel more like the young adult they are becoming without emptying their college savings. Don it for yourself, and do it for your kids this fall.

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