Baby! Nursery Décor

Victoria Beckham vehemently denied spending $3.2 million on her baby-to-be’s nursery. That’s absurd. She only spent $9,700! Still, for most parents, that would be money better spent on diapers. According to Winnipeg Free Press, Beckham spent almost $900 on a bassinet and about $2500 on a changing table while shopping at exclusive baby boutique, Petit Tresor. But can you create Posh’s posh nursery look on a budget?

Victoria Beckham reportedly has created a “shabby chic” nursery with French inspired furniture. The nurseries of the rich and famous tend to have a very specific theme. Christina Aguilera’s nursery for son Max, for instance, has a dream theme with a giant, 11.5-foot moon, a round crib, and fun murals. Kelly Rippa chose a fairy tale theme; Ricky Martin has an airplane décor; and Jennifer Lopez’s twins have a sort of royalty-in-training motif. You can see other celebrity nurseries here.

Themes can be wonderful – but if you have a normal person’s budget, it can be costly. When your child outgrows Peter Rabbit or puppies, you have to redo the entire décor. One way to avoid this is to choose a color that will grow with your child and be neutral enough to transition – without being dull! Light greens and blues are classics that work beautifully. Another tip is to use multipurpose furniture. You can find cribs that convert into toddler beds, and then into regularchildren’s beds. And one more for you: use removable wall and window decals to add age-appropriate touches that can easily be updated.

Taking another approach, you may want to think about how your nursery feels instead of how it looks. Is there a wide variety of textures for curious babies and toddlers to explore? If you have hardwood floors, think about a soft, high pile area rug. Add texture to the walls with a quilt, and don’t forget the toys! Besides being a plaything, these are the quintessential nursery accessories that will change as your child’s interests change.
Even if you don’t have a $10,000 budget (which is pretty modest by celebrity standards), you can create a lovely nursery for your baby. Take Mariah Carey’s advice: “I wanted to create a beautiful, tranquil, cozy environment for the babies.” You can do this no matter what your budget, or what the size of your baby’s room.

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