Baby Cribs

Saftey, safety, safety. That should be number one on your list of priorities when looking for a crib. All cribs should have a JPMA certification badge shown before you even consider purchasing one. Cribs without the badge will be cheaper, but do not sacrifice crib safety for price. Look for the badges, or certifications listed before considering design.

That being said, convertible cribs are an up and coming trend for new parents all over the USA! One price for three different beds – it’s a great idea, and it’s no wonder why it’s taking off all over the place.

If you’re in the market for a baby crib that is just strictly a baby crib, then here are a few things that you should look out for. Style! Most baby cribs feature an old fashioned design meant to give a traditional feel to your nursery. Peace and tranquility in your nursery will give your newborn peace of mind when they stare up at their mobile spinning slowly while suspended just inches from their eyes.

You want the best bed for your baby because the baby’s comfort is crucial. Sleep is incredibly important to your baby’s proper growth and neural development, and the best way to ensure healthy sleep in your infant is to accommodate your child with a comfortable bed. This works in your favor, as well, because if your child is not comfortable, they will let you know in the loudest way possible. A happy baby means happy parents.

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