Adding Whimsy to the Bedroom

Even the most practical of us has a whimsical side – or we should! There is nothing wrong with letting your guard down and letting your imagination take over, and the perfect place to do that is the bedroom. Your décor should not only reflect your personality but also your dreams. Starting with a great set of classic or contemporary bedroom furniture is an excellent idea, but where should you go from there?

Start with your fabrics. If you’ve saved money by choosing discount bedroom furniture, then treat yourself on a splurge. Whether window treatments, new upholstery for that old armchair, or high quality bed linens, luxurious fabric makes a tremendous difference in the look and feel of any room. Try different textures or patterns; fabric is a safe way to integrate both of these into your décor. Opt for a color you wouldn’t normally try or mix patterns. Paint is another easy and relatively inexpensive way to incorporate a more fresh, fun feel into your room. Try using two shades of the same color and painting alternate stripes, or even try a pattern. Project a pattern – floral, paisley, or anything – and trace it. Paint it; colors are up to you, but two tones of the same color offers a subtle look that is charming and easy on the eyes. What better place to let your inner personality shine through.

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