A better night’s home bedding blog sleep

If you are sleeping on a double bed with your spouse, you might as well be sleeping in a crib.That’s according to the home bedding blog Better Sleep Council who say “two people sleeping on a full sized mattress only have as much personal sleeping space as a baby in a crib.”Couples need space and more than that, they need support and comfort. Not just from their spouse, but from their mattress.
Researchers for years have pointed to the dizzying effects of poor sleep. Bad mood, decline in work performance and poor judgment, just to name a few.We spend one-third of our home bedding blog lives asleep and spend more time in a bed than any other piece of furniture in our homes.
So, it makes sense to lift that duvet cover back and double check the quality of our sleeping arrangement.Luckily, Payson home bedding blog residents have a new place to seek slumber. Cindy Gregory and Kristine McCormack recently opened Mattress Experts, LLC at 221 E. Highway 260, in the Safeway Shopping Center.

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