Bed And Bedroom Accessories Help Enhance Sleep Quality

Bed and bedroom accessories play a vital role in promoting good sleep. Following are some indispensable bed accessories that are a must to have a good night’s sleep.

Bed Accessories

Duvets: Warm and comfortable duvets are a necessity for cold places. They are stuffed with down feathers and help keep the bed warm at night. Duvets cannot be washed, so one must ensure that they buy separate duvet covers to protect the comforter from stains and dust. Pillow: No bed is complete without comfortable and supportive pillows. Pillows provide proper support to the neck and the head. One must ensure that they select ergonomically designed pillows for maximum sleeping comfort. Also keep in mind that extremely large and fluffy pillows tend to be more uncomfortable. Choose medium sized firm pillows instead. Mattress: Good mattresses are perhaps the most essential bed and bedroom accessories. Besides protecting the bed they help the user sleep soundly. There are a wide variety of mattresses to choose from. One can select the water proof mattresses for their kid’s beds and wool mattresses for the master bedroom. There are mattresses available for special needs too. All those suffering from medical conditions like Osteoporosis, Arthritis or Spondylitis can select from the wide range of specialty mattresses.

Bedroom Accessories

Now that you are aware of the important bed accessories, let us also know some more about the various kinds of bedroom accessories. Common bedroom accessories include:

Furnishing Shelving systems Bedding and linen Dressing

While there is no end to the various bed and bedroom accessories that can be bought at local departmental stores, the above mentioned ones are a must have. Be sure to compare prices among stores and go with pieces that appeal to all family members. Also keep the available space in mind while buying bedroom accessories. The shapes and sizes you finally pick should be based on your tastes and needs.

Apart from all the above, ensure that all the bed and bedroom accessories in your home are durable and designed for ultimate comfort while sleeping.

Are You An Insomniac?

Ten to twenty percent of adults suffer from insomnia, but how do you tell the difference between insomnia and simple lack of sleep? There’s a fine line between poor sleep and insomnia, but there are a few ways to differentiate between the two.

You may be an insomniac if you lie awake for hours or if you wake up in the wee hours of the morning and can’t fall back to sleep. Even if this describes you, though, you might just need less sleep than the seven to nine hours most people need.

One another symptom of insomnia is sleepwalking. Many insomniacs sleepwalk on a weekly basis. On the other hand, sleep walking can be caused by a variety of reasons, including mental disorder and alcohol use.

The surest way to tell if your symptoms add up to a diagnosis of insomnia is to monitor how you feel during the day. If you wake up almost every day so tired that you fall asleep on the way to the office, or if you don’t feel up to completing everyday tasks, you may have insomnia or some other sleep disorder.

Sleeplessness can be caused by poor sleep habits, a bad mattress, or the neighbor’s dog barking all night, so before you run to the doc with your sleep deprivation issues, change what you can and see if it helps. Create a set bedtime pattern, buy a better mattress, and invest in some earplugs. If you’ve tried all this and still don’t wake up feeling refreshed, you should see your doctor, as sleep deprivation over time can have serious mental and physical ramifications.

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Are Foam Pillows Good For Your Neck?

Foam pillows are soft and comfortable. They are good for those who suffer from ache in the neck, shoulder or the nape. There are available in two basic types, memory foam and latex foam. The former is a better option since it helps in even distribution of the body pressure. A perfect pillow is one that adjusts itself according to the shape of your head. It should offer a firm contour and your head should not sink into it completely. Soft pillows that are ‘too’ soft pose a problem – the head just sinks inside them and you wake up with a headache. Foam pillows are also available in extra soft variants but they are not good. A firm pillow that moulds according to the shape of your head and neck is the perfect choice.

If you want a good night’s sleep then there are few things that you should avoid while sleeping. We give you a list of those things here.

Always choose a foam pillow that is neither too big not too small for your head. A huge pillow can cause pain in your neck and shoulder muscles. Your head should be slightly elevated. It should not form a 90-degree angle. Use a firm mattress that can spread the body weight. A mattress that will make your body sink is not good. Memory foam mattresses are a good mattress for this very purpose. Your body should be straight when you sleep, it should not be curved or arched. Even a slightest of curve can give you a backache. Switch over to dim lights before hitting the bed. This way you can prepare your body for sound sleep.

Remember that a great pillow deserves a great bed. Whether you like wooden beds, leather beds, children beds, or divan beds then Tranquility Beds has just what you are looking for.

All You Wanted To Know About Types Of Beds

You spend roughly fifty per cent of your life in these! Yes, our bodies rest and recuperate every night on the bed to help us face the day ahead, and yet it is amazing how little we know about beds and the scant attention we given them. Read on to know about beds and which type is suitable for whom.

According to size, normal beds can be of different types, ranging from the California King bed (72 inches X 84 inches) or King bed (76 inches X 80 inches) to Queen bed (60 inches X 80 inches), double bed (54 inches X 75 inches) and twin bed (89 inches X 75 inches). You can also have bed sizes made to order at a premium price.

The correct size of the bed depends on (a) the height of the user, and (b) the dimensions of the bedroom. Ideally, the length should be such that it allows the occupant to stretch legs comfortably, while the width should be enough so that the occupant(s) can turn or adopt comfortable postures. Apart from this, the bed should not cramp the bedroom. It should leave enough room for movement around it.

Bunk beds, built in the style of bunks, save space when you have more kids sharing the same room. Trundle beds serve the same purpose — they are rolling beds which collapse and can be stored under regular beds.

Futon beds and sofa beds, although not strictly regular beds, double up as one when you have to accommodate a guest. Day beds have a board, which wraps three sides like a couch. This can be used as a seating arrangement during the day. It doubles up as a bed at night.

As per materials used, you have wooden or metallic beds. The former are easier to maintain, while the latter give a more spacious look to the room.

Electric beds have electronic controls to adjust various features such as height. Apart from these, there are special beds to meet specific requirements such as orthopedic beds (for people with chronic back pain) and hospital beds (for patients).

Suffering From Back Pain – Try Changing Your Mattress

Do you often wake up after a long night’s sleep feeling sore, stiff and aching all over? If yes, maybe you need a new mattress. Thankfully, today you get to choose from a staggering range of different mattresses.

However that presents another problem -the huge range available makes it tough to simply walk into a mattress store and pick the right one for you -especially if you suffer from back pain. The wrong mattress can worsen your pain. On the other hand, the right mattress can make a huge difference to the quality of your sleep.

Here are some great tips to help you choose the right mattress for comfort and back support:

How well does it support your back?

The best mattress is one that provides adequate support for the spine. If the mattress is able to contour itself according to your changing sleeping positions, it means you will experience less muscle soreness. To be sure, try out different mattresses until you find the one that actually feels comfortable.

The mattress design

Understand the components of the mattress, the kind of padding used and the importance of coils. Since different mattresses work differently, there is no specific mattress that is perfect for all backache sufferers. Most orthopedic doctors recommend foam mattresses for people with backache. These mattresses are very effective in supporting the spine.

Don’t go by the price

Generally, the price of a mattress depends on how many coils it has and how good the padding is. The higher the mattress quality, the more expensive it will be. However, this does not mean that a very expensive mattress will be the best solution for your backache. Instead of going by the price, test the comfort level of the mattress and make sure that it is ‘low-back friendly’.

The next time you go mattress shopping, keep these simple tips in mind. With a little effort, it’s easy to pick the right mattress to end your backache. Best of all, you will wake up refreshed, ready to face the new day!