Beds for Small Homes

Bed is one of the essential pieces of furniture in a home. There are many choices when one wants to buy a bed. The problem comes when the home does not have a sufficient space for the bed you choose. It is not possible to accommodate a king or a queen-size bed in a studio apartment. So what are the various options available to you, if you stay in a small home? As cities have become crowded and people have started living in small homes, several companies have started manufacturing space saving furniture.

There are several space-saving beds.


A futon serves two purposes. During daytime it can be used as a lounge or a sofa and at night, you can use it as a bed. It has a folding frame made of metal or wood with a double mattress over it. The mattress is made of high quality flexible material that can be easily folded without any damage. Futons are very portable because of their lightweight.

Sofa cum bed

As the name implies, it works as both sofa and bed. There are different types of sofa cum bed, which vary in material as well as their construction. They can be used if you do not have space to keep a conventional bed or if you want to make extra space for the guests. You can choose either a pull out sofa cum bed or the folding type of sofa cum bed.

Wall mounted bed

This is also known as Murphy bed. This is a wall-mounted bed that can be easily folded along the wall during daytime to save space. The bed can be made of wood or metal. There are various mounting mechanisms for Murphy beds. You should choose one according to the available space and whether you want a fixed or a flexible wall mounted bed.

Air Beds – Portable and Comfortable

With the decreasing sizes of homes, the popularity of the airbeds is soaring. It comes in handy whenever you have guests staying overnight at your home. It is also useful when you are going camping. An airbed can be stored in a small space and can be easily carried along whenever required. Since there are various types of airbeds available, you should carefully choose one for you.

These beds come in different sizes. If you require it just for your overnight guests or for your frequent camping requirements, then a regular size would be sufficient for you. A simple airbed is nothing but an inflatable air mattress of a good thickness. You will just need an air pump to convert it in to your bed within a few minutes.

If you want to buy an airbed for everyday use, you should choose the one made of high quality material. Nowadays, you can get an airbed made of memory foam, which takes up the shape of your body while sleeping, thus giving you maximum comfort. Raised airbeds are also the best bet for people buying them for regular use. These beds look similar to conventional beds. They generally have a metal or a wooden frame to give them a raised platform. They also have side support for extra comfort. However, this type of bed would require more space for storage.

Due attention should be given to the air filling mechanism while buying an airbed. Some beds come with electric air pumps; some with battery operated pumps while some have their own built-in system for filling air inside them. You should choose one that has the easiest and the quickest inflation and firmness adjusting mechanism. The airbed should also deflate in short time. Also, ensure that the company provides you with the repair kit required in the case of leakage of air.

A Good Bed is Essential to Good Sleep

As a person grows older, sleep can become more elusive. This is due to simple factors like stress and having a lot on your mind and to more complicated factors relating to physical and mental health. As we age, our internal clocks change as well, which can sometimes make a person feel less rested than they should. A good night’s sleep is a fundamental necessity. Sleep is as important as water and food to health and well-being. Make sure your bed and sleep environment is comfortable and cozy and conducive to a good night’s sleep every single night.

Sometimes the fault of bad sleep lies with the bed. A good mattress is an important part of the sleep equation. You want your spine and body to be supported comfortably in a manner that is restful. Lumps and bumps and dips in a mattress can cause for far too many night sleep that are not at all restful. As a rule of thumb, a mattress should be replaced approximately every ten years. Whether the mattress is firm or soft, of traditional materials or newer materials such as memory foam is purely personal preference.

Sleep is crucial to brain development and it also helps the mind process what has happened during the day. Without sleep, people report feeling foggy and forgetful. This is to be expected, since it is while we sleep that the brain categorizes the events of the day and burns it into our memory. Sleep is of paramount importance to proper brain function. Stress is a reason often reported for lack of sleep. But without sleep, the body has no way of reducing and recharging from the effect of sleep. A good night’s sleep can eliminate many if not all of the symptoms of stress.

Sleep is beneficial to your heart and blood pressure. It’s been proven in study after study that while a person sleeps, inflammation in their body goes down. Getting between seven and nine hours of sleep each night has been shown to be the most beneficial for the heart and circulatory system. The benefits of getting a good night’s sleep are many, the drawbacks non-existent. Sleep is the quickest way to restore yourself and build up that stamina that is necessary for today’s fast pace.

5 Keys to Achieving Sleep

Avoid Stimulants in the evening

Many people are under the illusion that they are not affected by caffeine and drink it regularly during the day, including at night. Not only do some drink caffeine, but they use other stimulates as well. All of these are counterproductive to sleep and should be avoided in the evening.

Exercise sometime after dinner

The body needs rest. However, when it is exercised, it needs more rest. By exercising not only do you tire out your body, but you also speed up the flushing of anything that might make sleeping difficult.

Listen to relaxing music at a low volume

By playing relaxing music at a low volume, your body will begin to relax and this in turn will help you drift off to sleep. While you may be tempted to listen to it at a loud volume, do your best to keep it soft.

Read a bit

While studies have been inconclusive, it is believed that reading produces a certain state in the brain which is more conductive to sleep. While this may or may not be true, many people feel they sleep quicker after reading. Just be sure to avoid reading anything that causes you to think such as philosophy.

Get a white noise generator

When you are finally ready to close your eyes, make sure you turn out all the lights and turn off anything that makes sound. Then turn on your white noise generator. These handy devices will block out most noise and replace it with a very relaxing and soothing sound that will aid you in sleeping.

While this list could get much longer, this should help you get started. Try following these simple steps to help your sleep improve.